Where is the body wave that attracts you the most?

More and more people choose a body wave wig to decorate themselves. They will wear it to travel, go to a party, or just do a daily hairstyle. However, there are many different reasons for people to choose one body wave wig.

What’s the body wave wig?

You must think of "S" when it comes to body wave wig. Although it has a natural pattern, it also can be restyled with lots of fashion and attractive hairstyles with different colors, different lengths, even different curvatures.

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What are the advantages of body wave wigs?

There must be a reason why people choose body wave wigs. Everyone has a different aesthetic, so this blog will show where the body wave wig can attract different people.

From the inside of the product:

1) The material of a body wave wig is 100% human hair wig without chemical processed. So, the wigs still have cuticles intact and it is not easy to tie knots because of each hair’s same direction.

2) The color of the body wave wig is natural black color, you can get a better color application, as the stylist can see the original tones in the hair and which tones it pulls.

3) 150% density body wave wig maybe your best option if you desire a full and voluminous hair look. This wig density not only makes your wig look more natural, but it also makes the natural hair look more thick than usual.

From the external of the product:

(1) Features that most people care about most are the body wave wigs that can be bleached, dyed, and restyled. You can make a special hairstyle according to yourself.

(2) A pre-plucked body wave wig will make your hairpiece come with a natural hairline where the baby hairs are already plucked using a tweezer. When your finger through it, you will feel soft and smooth. Of course, combing easily and minimal shedding are also the vital factors why people choose it.

In addition, Sunber hair Brazilian body wave wig and 613 Color 100% human hair wig body wave are high quality for people to purchase.

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Things to pay attention to:

1) When you need to comb a wig, please be gentle. Wide-tooth-comb is highly recommended when you comb your body wave wig. For curly and deep waves, use your hand to prevent tangle is the best method.

2) Taking it off and putting it on a wig stand when you don’t wear your wig. Because the stand will keep its shape and make it more natural.

3) After washing your wig, do not shake it in a towel. Be careful and dry it piece-by-piece and never style your wig while it's wet.

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