What should you pay attention to when you wear a wig for the first time?

More and more people make lots of fashion and surprise their hair by wearing wigs, which can make them more confident. You can choose the color, length, straight, or curl according to yourself. How to choose a suitable wig and what should you pay attention to during wearing a wig? Here we give you some tips for doing so.

1. Choosing a wig

1) Determine your head size

Everybody’s head sizes are different, and wigs come in a range of sizes to accommodate that. A wig that is too big will slide around throughout the day and irritate your scalp. So, take accurate head measurements to ensure a proper fit.

2) Choose the color

There is numerous color you can select, now is your chance to experiment without paying for a long, expensive salon dye job. You might decide to try a wig in a new color and be very pleased with the compliments you receive. There are lots of colored wigs you can choose, such as Honey blond lace front wigs body wave, Dark 99J Burgundy Color 13x4 Lace Front Wigs, and so on.

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3) Choose the style

You have lots of styles to choose from, some people will choose headband wigs, body wave wigs, of course, there must be some people who choose short bob wigs. If you need bangs to decorate your forehead and hairline, you can also select chic bangs wig. It’s all up to you.

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4) Human hair wig or Synthetic wig?

Both options have the advantages and disadvantages:

Synthetic wigs are cheaper, hold their style regardless of the weather, and don't fade over time. But they don't last as long as wigs made of natural hair and don't have as much flexibility in styling.

Natural human hair wigs are more expensive and might come in fewer color options, but they can be cut, styled, and dyed just like your own hair. The drawback is that they'll also need more maintenance, will react to weather, and might need restyling or re-dying over time. Thus, 100% human hair wigs is a good choice for more and more people.

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The main differences are in cost and maintenance, so choose the type that's right for your needs.

2. Caring for your wig

1) Use special wig care products

Using regular human hair lotion may damage your wigs. Choosing a suitable shampoo will not only make your wig more comfortable but also make it look more natural.

2) Wash When Necessary

Washing your wigs is essential to keep them clean and to look refreshed, which is vital if you are wearing wigs daily.

Wigs that are worn daily should be washed every 10-14 days, and more often if you're using a lot of hair spray and styling cream. Shampoo according to the instructions that come with the wig, towel blot, and spray lightly with wig conditioner.

3) Store your wig carefully

You may leave it everywhere or sleep in it at night when you wear your wig all day. But your pillow or other things can cause knots, tangles, dryness, and frizz. Thus, A wig stand or a mannequin head are great options to store your wigs in an easily accessible and safe manner.

3. How to Achieve Realistic Natural Lace Wig Install?

Are you still anxious about how to wear a wig for the first time? Are you still worried about whether you can wear a wig naturally? Are you still looking for perfect hairline wigs? In the following video, Kie RaShon shows a beginner wig install tutorial for a realistic natural wig install.

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