What’s Yaki Hair Wig?

Yaki hair wig is often favored by natural hair lovers who want to maintain their natural texture and style while adding extra length, volume, or fun colors and highlights. It doesn't look straight like traditional Remy hair and also comes in different types like extensions, hair weaves, and wigs for 4b and 4c hair textures. Yaki wigs can be styled well to blend perfectly with your natural hair for stunning results.

What’s Yaki?

It refers to hair texture rather than grade, and it uses a water vapor process to micro-twist the hair to give it a very natural African-American hair look without any chemical treatments.

What’s The Difference Between Yaki Wig And Silky Wig?

Silky hair has an "Asian" feel to it due to its silky smooth texture, which is largely due to the fact that knots are usually of Chinese and Indian origin.


As mentioned above, the texture of yaki wigs is similar to the natural hair of African women. It has a thicker texture and looks exactly like natural hair that has been flattened or flattened.


There is a clear difference in texture between the two. The former is more suitable for sexy and straight styles, while the latter is suitable for those who want to add volume and volume.

What Are The Types Of Yaki Wigs?

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Silky Yaki Wig

As the name suggests, yaki silk hair looks silky smooth, soft, and shiny. It is the silkiest of all yaki types and is one of many women's choices. But when we look closely, we can still find that it has faint ripples or waves.

Straight Yaki Wig

Straight Yaki hair is similar to chemically treated natural black African American hair. It is not as smooth and straight as silk hair nor as rough as curly yaki, it is a slightly rough curly texture, fluffy curls.

Kinky Yaki Wig

Now we also call it a kinky straight wig, which satisfies women who have higher requirements for hair volume and bounce. It is not as straight as silky straight hair as it has lots of kinks which give it a thick wavy texture.

How To Take Care Of A Yaki Wig?

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Taking good care of your yaki wig is crucial, which largely determines the true lifespan of your wig. Here are some things to keep in mind every day.

1. Use a sulfate-free shampoo to cleanse your hair of built-up dirt, which will do a good job of protecting your scalp.

2. When you wash your wig, make sure that the shampoo and conditioner you use are all cleaned.

3. Avoid frequent use of heat styling tools to style your wig, it will damage your wig.

4. When storing wigs, choose a wig head model or a silk scarf wrap.

5. Avoid tight hairstyles in your daily life and replace them with loose buns, low ponytails, or braids to give your Yaki hair bouncy.

Yaki Hair Wig Showed By Sunber Wig Influencer:

The sunber wig influencer---Bigekane showed us one of the yaki wigs, when you are hesitating, you can use her style as a reference or you can go through the video to learn more about the details of this wig and how to install it to present the most perfect shape.

@bigekane Last detailed tutorial for another month!!!!! so save it and do what you will with that info bae hair @sunberhair_no1 link in bio glue @boldholdlaceamerica ♬ original sound - Kane Erica


Yaki kinky straight hair is perfect for those who are looking for texture and volume, and it usually gives the most natural look. Whatever color and style you choose, your yaki hair will be happy to match.

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