Trendy Dreadlock Wigs for Men & Women

Your hairstyle will speak for you. The state of your hair also reveals your basic personality, telling others how stylish, organized, and patient you are without saying anything. One of the most trending hairstyles of 2023, dreadlock wigs will help you flaunt some funky looks that are hard to miss.

What’s The Dreadlock Wig?


It is mentioned in many materials that the origin of the word "dreadlocks" is considered to be related to the slave trade. Lacking the time and tools to comb their own hair, slave owners often called their slaves' hair "dread", and they were often criticized for their hair, which is why the name "locs" is the most popular of all names reason.

It is a thin strand of hair formed by plaiting, braiding, or twisting. The dreadlock wig can usually be a wig that has already been formed and only needs to be installed, or it can be made DIY.

Can You Put A Wig Over Dreadlocks?


Flattening your hair under a wig is not as hard as you might think, and anyone can do it in less time. Just need the following three steps to easily wear a wig over dreadlocks.

First, let your hair hang down naturally, and use a comb to comb it out.

Next, divide your hair into 4-6 equal sections, secure it with an elastic, and then braid, braiding all sections into a three-strand braid.

Finally, use bobby pins to flatten all the braids onto your scalp along the contour of your head.

Different natural hair needs to be considered differently when it is processed. If your hair is coarse and thick, then choosing a long curly wig will ease your work.

How To Make A Dreadlock Wig?


You have two ways of doing a dreadlocks wig, neither of which requires much skill.

First, you need to prepare a net hat, enough braids, sewing needles, etc. If you choose this method, you only need to weave one by one weft on the cap to fill all the gaps and tidy up the uneven parts to receive a braided wig.


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Second, you just need to prepare a long enough ordinary wig and some rubber bands. It is also very convenient to weave a three-strand braid on the basis of an existing wig to get a dreadlocks wig. This is usually easier than the first method.

Of course, many people have started selling dreadlocks wigs now, we no longer need additional processing, we only need to buy and install according to our own preferences and needs.

Where Can I Buy A Dreadlock Wig?

dreadlocks wig

You can definitely buy an amazing dreadlocks wig on any platform like Amazon or AliExpress, of course, you can also search for the keyword "dreadlocks" in Google to choose the best one.


But when you choose your own DIY dreadlock wig, you can buy affordable and premium ordinary wigs at Sunber and then do secondary braiding to get the wig style you want.


Dreadlocks are a very natural and protective hairstyle, but again, they require you to take care of them and they will take care of you. This oldest fashion can add a touch of mystery and vitality to our life, and both men and women are scrambling to try this party artifact - the dreadlock wig.

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