The Psychedelic Mermaid Hair Wigs You Can Swim In

Whether it's a cosplay show or a Halloween event, girls need mermaid wigs to show off their long-flowing hair and their respect for the event. Or have you watched the movie - The Little Mermaid lately? Each character in the film has distinct characteristics, which are reflected in personality, wig hairstyle, and clothing. Can we achieve mermaid wig dressing in our daily life?

Hair and clothing accessories are especially important when attending theatrical performances or holiday parties, and choosing the right hairstyle will enhance the look of your outfit. If you're at a show then you're bound to get more applause and compliments for wearing the right wig.

What’s the Mermaid Hair?


Mermaid wigs are hair accessories that most women need to match with mermaid makeup. It can be ocean blue, coral red, or princess pink. Everyone can choose any mermaid wig according to their preferences and clothing. With the help of long-wavy mermaid wigs, girls can fulfill their fantasy of mermaid characters with real-life features and personalities.

Because the mermaid hair wig made of real hair is more elastic, it is also very suitable for girls attending pool parties, and it can achieve swimming freedom well.

How To Braid Mermaid Hair?

1. Start from the bottom and brush your way up. Of course, you can choose to braid with your natural hair or choose a real color wig you like to start your braiding.

2. Tie a section of hair in the middle of your head into a ponytail and braid it in 3 strands.


3. Section off a small piece of hair from the front of your face, twist and tuck the piece into the simple braid. To make the final rendering effect very natural, you need to adjust your hair to make it fluffy and keep some small messes during each braid.


4. The next thing you need to do is repeat the previous step on the other side until all of your hair is braided into your 3-strand braid.


5. Finally, you need to briefly brush the ends of your hair to add texture to your look.

Don't forget to use scissors to cut the rubber band that holds your 3-strand braid.

How To Use Mermaid Hair Waver?

Mermaid Hair Waver

A mermaid hair waver is one of the easiest ways to achieve mermaid waves. It is an easy-to-use tool chosen by many women for quick styling with thermal energy. Whether you have short, long, thin, or thick hair, you can create soft, shiny mermaid curls. With the use of hair care products, you can completely get rid of frizz and dull straight hair.

You can use the time you heat your mermaid hair waver to comb your hair and use a hair spray. You can divide your hair into two sections from the middle, and then use the curling iron to heat your hair strand by strand.

How Much Does It Cost To Get Mermaid Hair?

Before you buy an item, you will want to know the estimated price and plan your budget reasonably. If you only need 2-3 hair bundles to help you add volume, then $60-$90 is completely enough; if you need a wholesale lace front wig with good ventilation, then it only costs $100-$150 at Sunber, you can get a high-quality fashion mermaid wig.

How To Choose The Type Of Mermaid Wig?

☆ The first is to determine the size of the wig you want to buy. You'll need to take a soft tape measure and measure your head from the back of your skull to the front of your hairline. Of course, all wigs now have adjustable bandages, you can easily adjust them to a suitable size.

☆ Next, you need to pick a wig color that you like, which is not only stylish but also matches your outfit. Often the most common mermaid wig colors are a coral red, algae green, and a very dreamy turquoise blue. Of course, many people will choose conservative natural color wigs, these decisions are all up to you.

☆ Then, length is also something you need to consider. In addition to the long wavy hair that is full of charm, short pixie hair is also a good choice for the prom.

☆ Finally, depending on the amount and length of your hair, you can choose a wig or human hair bundle to help you complete your mermaid look.

Various Gorgeous Mermaid Wig Hairstyles

Girls Monster High Lagoona Blue Mermaid Wig

Girls Monster High Lagoona Blue Mermaid Wig

Wig Princess Red Curly


Ladies Blue & Green Curly Mermaid Wig

Ladies Blue & Green Curly Mermaid Wig

Wig Colored Mermaid

Wig Colored Mermaid

Ombre Mermaid Wig

Ombre Mermaid Wig

Natural Color Mermaid Hair

Natural Color Mermaid Hair

Adult Sea Siren Mermaid Wig

Adult Sea Siren Mermaid Wig

Colorful Long Wavy Lace Front Wig Style

Colorful Long Wavy Lace Front Wig Style

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