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Since the company's inception, we have been committed to providing consumers with the highest quality hair care products.

In this article,we will introduce the background of Sunber in detail. Also, there are something new to share with you.


1 The history of Sunber

2 The mission of Sunber

3 100% human hair VS chemical fiber hair

4 Five wig styles to recommend

5 Conclusion

The history of Sunber


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Our company is about to celebrate its 5th anniversary, and we have received much support from our consumers over the past few years.

For this, we are thankful for your choice so that we both are moving towards perfection. Please look forward to our 5th-anniversary event, with lots of coupons and benefits, and don't forget to follow our platform.

The mission of Sunber

Our mission is to strive to be the messenger of beauty worldwide and to keep fighting for this goal. Through our products, we want everyone to realize that everyone is unique, beautiful, and will always be loved. Our hair is not only a product but also a symbol of confidence. It inspires you to show your beauty to the world and shine your attitude towards life.

Our quality-first principle and 100% real hair features make us unique in the entire industry. With various wig style types, there is always one to suit your wig needs. With our innovation-oriented values, we constantly update our wig styles, colors, and designs to meet the rapidly evolving modern hair trends and strive to gain consumer recognition. We offer classic natural and popular updated colors to meet your needs for every occasion.

Finally, regarding the buying experience, all orders will be completed within 48 hours, most of the time within 24 hours, so you can track your order after 24 hours。

100% human hair VS chemical fiber hair

Next, we will compare the differences in detail in the following three aspects.

In terms of materials, 100% human hair wigs are made from healthy human hair. It is the same as our hair and is treated with special acid, which is healthy and semi-natural. We wear it after contact with the scalp will not occur an allergic reaction. Regarding care, chemical fiber wigs are completely different from 100% human hair wigs.

In terms of wig texture, 100% human hair are comfortable to wear, chemical fiber wigs are produced with chemical raw materials, and some people's skin is prone to allergies and is not suitable to wear. 100% human hair wigs are well-made, and the texture is clear. There is no heavy feeling after wearing it. No burden, you can wear it every day.

In terms of wearing time, 100% human hair wigs are used for a longer time. Because of the material, 100% human hair wigs are not easy to frizz; its appearance and color can remain unchanged for a long time, more stable, and easy to become soft aftercare. So, as long as the care is good, it can be used for three or five years. Chemical fiber wigs can not; they are more prone to frizz and easy to change color after long time.

Five wig styles to recommend

The next five recommended are the most popular wig hairstyles. Our store provides a variety of wig styles. If you want to try different styles, others are also good choices.

The lace front wig is made by fixing a small piece of clear lace net to the front of the wig cap and then tying the fine hair in a knot. It blends more realistically into the hairline and scalp, especially if you want an explosion-free look, and can help you achieve any look.The most common lace sizes are 13x4 and 13x6.

lace front wig

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Lace closure wigs cover only a small portion of the front of the device to close your wig to showcase a specific style. Lace-around wigs usually work for most hairstyle requirements, such as center or side. The usual size is 4x4 or 5x5 inches.

lace closure wigs

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V part wigs are made from real human hair; the big advantage is that there is no glue, no sewing, and no synthetic material. It is a modified half wig with a V-shaped opening at the top. That's why it is called v part, suitable for wig beginners.

v part

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The biggest advantage of the U-part wig, also known as a three-quarter wig, is that it saves time and does not require a professional stylist to sew your wig or secure it with glue; the clips and adjustable straps on the wig cap can secure your wig in less than two minutes.There is a small U-shaped opening at the top or side of the wig cap that allows you to remove a portion of your hair to mix with the wig, hence we call it U part.

u part

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As the name suggests, a glueless wig is a lace wig that can be easily worn without the use of glue or headband wigs, u or v part wigs with clips, and adjustable elasticated caps.

glueless wig

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First of all, we introduce our development history and development philosophy, followed by the difference between 100% human hair and chemical fiber hair. Then we introduced the five most popular wig hairstyles. I hope it can help a little when buying.

Welcome to buy in our store. Finally, don't forget our upcoming fifth anniversary. Thank you for your company along the way. If you would like to know more, please leave a comment below.

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