The Fashion Trend Brought By Barbie Wigs You Don't Know

Every girl should have experienced time with Barbie dolls in their childhood. Every day we help our dolls dress up, do their hairdos, and even want to re-make up for them. When we become adults, although dolls gradually fade out of our lives, our daily styling can also use them as a reference. Many wig styles for women's parties or events can be found in Barbie wigs.

What’s the Barbie Wig?


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Unlike the wigs we wear every day, Barbie's hair is made of a fiber called Kanekalon or a plastic called hollow saran, not real human hair. Because of the particularity of Barbie's hair wigs wearing, their hair looks extra fluffy. As we have seen, Barbie dolls have a variety of hairstyles, which also requires the type and color of the wig. How to re-choose a wig for your Barbie doll?

How to Make A Barbie Doll Wig & How Many Wefts to Make A Barbie Wig?


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If you don't want to go through a store to buy a wig or if your budget is not enough, you can choose to make a Barbie wig yourself.

First, you need to prepare a few items, plastic wrap, tissue, glue, silk, or ribbon.

The next step is to use plastic wrap and tissue to make a wig cap. In order to fit the Barbie doll's head perfectly, you need to use plastic wrap to completely wrap and fit the Barbie doll's head, then wrap a layer of tissue on it, and apply glue to it. To form the entire head, use scissors to cut off the excess material, leaving a complete wig cap.

use plastic wrap and tissue to make a wig cap
apply glue to it

The next step is the most critical. Cut the silk or ribbon of your choice into pieces of the right length, glue them evenly from one end into several hair bundles, and glue them layer by layer to the wig cap you just made. To make Barbie's hairstyle look more natural and full, you need to glue the hair weave to the wig cap multiple times and in layers. During this process, you can use any tool to glue the bundles firmly and press them flat.

glue hair bundles

Finally, put the finished wig on the head of the Barbie doll to complete it. Of course, you can also do a simple hairstyle for your doll according to your actual needs.

What Size Wig for Barbie Doll?

If you bought a Barbie wig without an adjustable bandage, you first need to measure the Barbie doll's head to choose the right size wig. Wrap a tape measure around the doll's head the same way we did to measure our head, starting and ending with the ears on either side.

However, most wigs on the market now have an adjustable stripe on the back of the wig cap, which can help you easily adjust the size of the wig.

Where to Buy Wigs for Barbie Dolls?


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Nowadays, there are many ways to buy Barbie wigs, whether it is offline Walmart supermarket, online AliExpress, or Amazon platform. If you choose to buy online, you only need to enter the keyword "Barbie wig" to browse the various types of wigs displayed to you on the page, and you can receive your package as quickly as possible.

How to Soften Barbie Doll Hair?


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One problem we can't avoid is that the doll's wig can become tangled and messy due to prolonged storage or play. Don't worry, all you need is a fabric softener or baby shampoo at home to regularly clean and care for your doll's wig.


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1. Pour fabric softener or baby shampoo into a small container, making sure you pour enough to fully soak the doll's wig. After all the wig has been soaked, leave it aside for an hour or so to allow the softener to fully work. During this time you can use your fingers or a wide tooth comb to comb through the doll's wig.

2. Thoroughly wash the wig with cold water to ensure that all softener is removed to avoid residue in the wig and damage to the hair.

3. Finally, gently pat dry the wig with a towel or let it dry in the natural wind. Be sure not to use a hair dryer to dry your wig, as this will damage the doll's wig.

Can Barbie Wigs Inspire Our Wig Styling?


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Many girls will follow their favorite Barbie hairstyles to choose wigs for themselves, such as a blonde barbie wig, a barbie ponytail wig, or vintage barbie wigs, etc. At present, this is a very good method. Barbie wigs have been creating new fashions, and girls can try on wigs based on dolls with a similar face shape to themselves, so as to accurately choose a wig type that suits them.

Every girl wants to live like a princess. If you are not sure what color or what kind of wig suits you, then a Barbie doll can definitely help you! The fashion trends brought by Barbie wigs are also applicable to our lives. You can easily buy high-quality fashion wigs at reasonable prices in the Sunber Hair!

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