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Sunber Hair Back To School Big Promotion: Up To 40% Off

The new school year 2020 is coming and every fashion girls love to buy new human hair products to change their look and welcome the back to school season.

Becoming beautiful at the beginning is each girl’s dream. Virgin human hair weave has become the best choice for you. You can shop a large selection of Back to School Super Sale including human hair weaves, Remy human hair bundles, hair closures, hair extensions and hair wigs.

Surprise, we have a big sale at the back to school season. You can buy the best quality human hair with the wholesale price.

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The Details Of Back To School Season Super Promotion

Sales Time: 8.3-8.10

New Arrivals Up to 40% OFF Without Code

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Sunber Hair Back To School Sale Hot Selling

Cheap Remy Human Hair

remy human hair

Sunber hair is a 100% professional human hair supplier in the market, all 100 Remy human hair is 100% real human hair, collected from the donator, all the 100 Remy human hair bundles keep the original natural characteristics and cuticle, without any chemical process. Ensures the biggest soft and healthy for your wear.

Remy Body Wave Hair

remy body wave hair

Body wave hair is basically a type of hair extension that normally constitutes of loose curls that make the S shape. This S pattern is formed through the entire hair extension. It’s further normally shiny and with the perfect appearance. The hair looks so natural and it blends with almost all hair patterns.

Remy Straight Hair Weave

remy straight hair

Straight Remy human hair is soft, durable and shiny. Our 100% straight human hair is super silky, sleek, luxurious and natural to help you make a gorgeous look. Feel free to style it any way you like with a flat iron or curling iron, straight human hair can even be bleached or dyed if you want.

Remy Deep Wave Hair

remy deep wave hair

Definitely Deep wave Remy human hair is one of the most popular hair extensions, all girls love its bouncy curls and shiny natural hair color. The loose curls suit every style especially in daily life to bright up the look.

Remy Curly Hair Bundles

remy curly hair

Remy curly human hair has small and tight curls. This normally makes the hair look more voluminous than most other hair types. The hair is fluffy which makes it hard to flatter your face shape. You will need a curling tool to keep it curled.

4×4 Lace Closure Wig

4*4 lace closure remy hair wig

4×4 lace closure wigs come with a certain portion of lace laying in front of Remy human hair wigs, which can be divided into different kinds of lace closure wigs in accordance with the lace size. 4*4 closure wigs are those with 4*4 lace size.

If you want to know more knowledge about 4×4 Lace Closure Wig, you can click here to see this blog.

U Part Human Hair Wig

kinky hair u part wig

U-part wig is a wig with a u-shaped hole in the front, the hole allows you to put some of your own hair to help the more natural hairline. The u-shaped hole can on the middle, left, or right according to your habit. Wearing a U-part wig can achieve a more believable look and finish than a traditional wig.

If you want to learn more about u part human hair wig, you can click here to know more.

Cute Hairstyles For Back To School

Back to school is a time filled with newness: a new school year, new classmates, new school supplies, new back-to-school wardrobe, and, of course, a new look. The beginning of the year is the perfect time to revamp your go-to hairstyles for school. Now, we will share with you the fashion, cute and easy hairstyles for back to school.

Twisted Bangs

Twisted Bangs

Instead of your typical braids, try out a cool twisted take to keep your bangs out of your face. Keep your center part as is, then wrap two pieces of hair over the other. Wear your natural texture for a chill, beachy look.

Celtic Knot Style

Celtic Knot Style

Either curl your hair with a curling wand or take advantage of heatless curls by going to bed with a big braid and waking up to wavy hair. Then, pull back front pieces in either a small braid, a bobby-pin design or a fun twist like this one here! Cute, easy, and simple.

Half-Down Space Buns

Half-Down Space Buns

This trendy half-up half-down galaxy bun hairstyle is perfect for making a statement. Utilize relaxed waves that are both stylish and simple. Then, let the double buns be the star of the show by parting your hair half up and then sectioning the top half into two even sections. Bun them up and you’re done!

Messy Top Knot

Messy Top Knot

Instead of just a half-up top knot, go for the entire thing! Again, you can easily dress this look up or down depending on what you need.

Double French Braids 

Double French Braids

Give your hair a breather with this style. Part your hair down the middle from the front to the back. Both sides add extra shine and nourish your hair while it's in braids. Separate your hair into three sections and French braid on both sides.

Slicked Back High Ponytail 

Slicked Back High Ponytail

Elevate your typical ponytail for school by adding height and shine. Through wet or towel-dried hair. Use a comb to evenly transfer hair into an elastic at the crown of your head. Secure the elastic.

Braided Low Ponytail 

Braided Low Ponytail

Low ponytails are our favorite laid-back hairstyle. Separate your hair into three sections and French braid from the back of your head. Secure with an elastic in a low ponytail. Wrap a section of hair around the elastic and pin to secure. Curl bottom pieces of the pony for extra sophistication.

Loose Wave Ponytail

Loose Wave Ponytail

We all love some ponytail, mostly because it works to give you both casual and official look. Simply hold all the hair on the side or high on the crown of your head to achieve a great ponytail look.

You can click here to have more ponytail hairstyles. These are the ponytail trend.

Now, you can choose the best fashion hairstyles for your back to school season. Buy high-quality human hair with the lowest price to be the queen when you back to school.

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