U Part Wigs VS V Part Wigs, Which One Should We Choose?

Are you always on a tight schedule and do not have enough time to style your hair every morning or whenever you are leaving for work? So, it’s necessary to choose a charming and easy install wig.

As you can see, several people are fond of headband wigs due to their convenience. But if you are not a headband lover and also want to spend a short time making a stunning look, then Sunber trendy U part wigs or V part wigs are very suitable for you.

In this piece, we will list more about these two wigs for your better choice.

What are U part wigs?

Different from other human hair wigs, Sunber U part wig has been loved by more and more girls because of its simple installation and natural hairstyle.

As the name suggests, there is a U-shape leave out on the forehead, so you are allowed to wear your natural hair through the opening to achieve a more natural-looking hairline.

The features of U part wigs:

1. A u part wig needs no lace to sew in and it’s no glue, it only takes you 3 minutes to wear and style.

2. You are allowed to wear your own hair through the U-shape leave out to make your hairstyle look more natural.

3. There are three combs around the U-shape, 1 comb at the back of the wig cap, and the adjustable straps to help you fix your wig.

4. It’s a 100% human hair wig without chemical processing, and it can be bleached, dyed, and restyled.

5. It’s soft and comfortable.

Body Wave U Part Wig Human Hair Natural Color

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IVY Recommend Kinky Straight U Part Wig No Lace No Glue

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What Are the Advantages of A U Part Wig?

AlwaysAmeera Recommend U Part Wigs Mix Brown Highlight Colored Body Wave

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1. Very Safe

Choose this curly u part wig, you don't have to worry about it being blown away by the wind or falling off because it is carefully sewn on the wig cap and has more than three hair clips to fix it. The adjustment strap on the back of the wig cap can adapt to your head circumference to make the wig fit your head better.

2. Easy to Install

Get a fresh look in just 3 minutes every morning before heading out.

3. Help Your Hair to Growth

U-shaped leave-out can give your hair more room to breathe, and you can easily remove the kinky straight u part wig every night before going to bed to allow your natural hair to grow better.

4. Protect Your Hairline

This u part wig human hair does not require glue and will not damage your hairline due to the tearing of glue.

5. Natural-Looking

Whether it's a middle-part, side part u part wig, or a high ponytail hairstyle, it can be easily achieved, no glue and no sewing is the secret that gives girls the most natural look.

What are V part wigs?

Generally, the V part wig has been continuously updated. It isn’t a lace front wig, you can cover the V-shape with your hair so it can give root realness.

In the following video, SharronRenee will show you one of the trendy v part wig, Sunber Jerry curly v part wig human hair. It is undoubtedly your first choice during the coldest weather, and it can bring you the most natural look.

The features of V part wigs:

1. There is no glue and no sew-in, the wig cap is breathable, soft, and comfortable. It’s very friendly for beginners to wear.

2. There is minimal or no leave out, it’s a great choice if you don’t want your real hair exposed.

3. There are clips and combs in the wig cap to help you fix your wig.

4. It’s a 100% virgin human hair wig without chemical processing, and it’s no shedding.

5. You can try the half up and half down style for your daily life or other comfortable styles for the gym.

Sunber Kinky Curly V Part Wigs No Leave Out

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Effortless To Put On Curly V Part Wig Human Hair

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What Are the Advantages of A V Part Wig?

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1. Lays Flat without Glue

You only need to use the hair clips on the wig cap and the adjustment straps to fully secure your wig and prevent it from being blown away by the wind.

2. No Gel, No Sew-in

If you don't like glue and don't know how to trim lace then this v part curly wig will be your best friend. Because no chemicals such as glue are used, it will reduce the damage to the scalp and better protect your scalp and natural hair.

3. Friendly to Thin Hair

This v part wavy wig will not only enhance your beauty but also increase your hair volume, So even if your hair is very thin you don't have to worry.

4. Parting Anyway You Like

This v part body wave wig allows you to have no leave out, or use a strand of your hair to cover up the V-shaped leave out. You can achieve a variety of hairstyles, a gentle middle part, an intellectual side part, or a playful half up and half down hairstyle.

5. Real Scalp & 100% Undetectable

Because no glue and sewing are required, this v part wig no leave-out will give the most natural look.

6. Beginners-Friendly

Whether you are a beginner, mom, or fitness enthusiast, this brown straight v part wig will bring you convenience and make your life easier and more enjoyable.

7. Hand-Tied Hair and Black Lace Edge Blend the Roots of Your Hair Perfectly

We also have ombre v part wigs with very small areas of lace for girls who like lace, the fully handmade lace part blends perfectly with your scalp for the most natural look. The comfortable lace also provides great breathability and won't make your scalp feel stuffy.


1. How to comb the wig?

When you need to comb a wig, be gentle! Don’t use a regular brush. For straight and body wave wigs, a wide-tooth comb is highly recommended. For curly and deep wave wigs, please only use your hand to prevent tangle.

2. How to keep shape?

While you’re sitting at home, take it off and put it on a wig stand.

3. How to dry the wig?

After washing a wig, don’t shake it in a towel. Be careful and dry it piece by piece. Pay attention, never style your wig while it’s wet.

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