Straight Wig VS Curly Wig, How to Choose A Better One?

No matter what the reason for choosing a wig, there are several factors that you must first consider to match your skin tone and makeup, such as the color of the wig, the length of the wig, and the curvature of the wig. Is everyone suitable for a beautiful curly wig or are some girls more attractive with straight wigs? The following content will help you distinguish them and objectively explain how to choose a wig that suits you best.


What’s A Straight Wig?

Unlike all wigs with waves, straight hair is a hairstyle without any undulations. They are stylish and versatile, straight hair wigs can be redesigned to fit any occasion, leaving you feeling confident and attractive.

You must have heard of the bone straight wig, it is another wig that is different from straight hair. The main difference between the two is the difference in texture and luster. A bone straight wig is hair that has been straightened with a machine or tool, this type of hair is typically smooth, silky, and shiny.


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Can straight hair wigs be restyled?

Sure. I have to admit that all women will pursue different beauty. When they are used to long straight hair wigs, they will definitely want to make some changes to get a new look. Real straight human hair wigs can support the use of tools such as curling irons to reshape. You can see how the Sunber real wig comes in different hairstyles in the video below.

What’s A Curly Wig?

Curly wigs refer to wigs with more curly hair, and the curvature of each curl is very small. Smaller coils are more supportive, so curled wigs often feel fluffy and shaggy. Curly hair tends to have an unparalleled romantic and nonchalant style, whether it’s natural curls, messy curls, or a trendy updo for naturally curly hair.


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How Many Curl Patterns Are There?

Walking on the street, you will definitely see all kinds of curly hair, such as a body wave wig, a loose deep wave wig, a kinky curly wig, and a Jerry curl wig. There is mainly a difference in curvature between them, so the wig styles chosen by people who require different appearance effects will also be different.


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How to Revive A Curly Wig?

If you use your wig regularly, it is normal for it to become dry and frizzy gradually. In this case, you can try washing with a good quality shampoo and an oil-free conditioner for wigs. After you're done, use a detangling conditioner and leave it on for an hour or two. Finally, brush with a wide-toothed comb or carefully comb with your hands.

Curly V Part Wig

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How to Choose the Most Suitable Wig?

Facial Features for Straight Wig:


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People with round faces typically have fuller cheeks and a wider hairline, and long wig styles create the illusion of a longer face, while shorter styles emphasize a rounder face. Straight wigs are best for this face shape, as curls add unnecessary width. You can also opt for a parting in combination with the angled side-swept edges, which offset the rounded feel of the face.

Girls with heart-shaped faces will choose wigs similar to ovals, and while they are suitable for a variety of styles and lengths, you should avoid styles that end at the chin, as this can detract from striking features such as a defined chin and chin. A short bob or a straight wig in a mid-length layered style can help balance your face.

Facial Features for Curly Wig:


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Curly wigs can help soften the face and are a great option for people with square or angular faces. If you're looking to add more balance to your face, then full or half bangs curly wigs will do the trick.

An oval face shape is known as the perfect facial structure, which means that a variety of different lengths and styles are suitable for this face shape. Due to the perfect symmetry, most curly hairstyles are suitable for oval face shapes. Feel free to experiment with any wig, whether long curly wigs or short bob wigs.


How Often to Wash Curly Wig?

You should wash your Jerry curl wig after 6 to 8 wears or preferably every 1-2 months, depending on how often you wear it and where you live and work.

How Do You Maintain A Curly Wig?

Make sure you don't wash your curls every day or brush them while they're damp. Choose a special curly shampoo when washing your hair and trim your curls often.

How Long Does Curls Last?

After a few weeks of wearing any wig, dirt and grease can build up, causing the curly hair wig to lose its luster. Your wig can also become stiff and difficult to style, so regular care will be required to keep the curls. With proper care, curly human hair wigs tend to last more than a year when worn daily and up to three years when worn occasionally.

How to Wrap Straight Wig at Night?

To protect your wig from friction, lay your hair flat on your head and pin or tie it with a ribbon before going to bed at night. Then, wrap your head in a silk or satin scarf.

How to Wash Straight Wig?

Comb before cleaning, soak the hair with cold water to help the hair absorb the cleaner better, then massage gently from the root to the tip (be sure not to rub your wig too hard), the conditioner is also to keep the wig The best companion for soft and glossy, finally put it on the wig holder to dry naturally.

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