Quick and Easy Lace Closure Wig Install, Style and Melt

Lace part wig is very popular among fashion women. This wig can achieve their beauty and unique natural look. They can use the best human hair lace wig to change their hairstyle quickly without damaging their hair.

Today I'm going to be installing this unit sent to me by Sunber Hair, so if you want to see that keep on watching. So today let’s talk about how to install the 4*4 lace part wig quick and easy.

This hair feels really nice, this the type that has the lace under, we're gonna cut it open. You have to keep the regular knots with these things. Now we're gonna give that a try, really though this hair is really nice and definitely slaps but we're gonna go ahead and give this a try.

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How To Install And Style Your 4*4 Lace Part Wig? 

Step 1: Cut The Underneath Lace

  • Grab our little scissors let's do little cut, you can cut and get to the knots underneath if you cut this off.

Step 2: Bleach Knots

  • I feel like bleach knots are a really big part of making our hair look natural. I end up bleaching everything. I literally just get whatever I can get from here. Dump it in this bowl and I'm only using a fair warning to bleach.
  • I'm just trying to make one bleach mixture for all of them. I definitely think I used way too much developer just now, we'll see in a second swirl it around slowly. This is too wet so this is the amount of powder I grabbed.
  • I have the mixture all stirred up and I'm only gonna focus it on the middle because that's all that you're really gonna see the middle and like the front, it bleaches this whole thing because it's a closure. I’m gonna go ahead and let that sit for about 20 minutes and then I'll be back to show you all the end results
  • I wonder if I took like a honey brown dye if I was able to like fix the over-processing because I feel like all my highlight wigs all tend to look the same when I over process them. It's definitely bearable.

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Step 3: Washing Your Wig

  • After a while all right detangling it right after washing nothing too special literally just showing you guys freshly after watching the bleach knots off that's about it. 

Step 4: Color Your Wig Cap

  • Once you have your wig cap on what you're going to do is make sure the wig cap is the color of your head because I used to do this all the time and never tint my recap and wonder why you could see that my wig cap was so much lighter under my wig ridiculous.
  • You don't have to do it too far back. I just normally do it along the areas that I think my part will show in so like if I do a middle part just in case, but this is a closure lace part wig so I really only need to do the middle.

Step 5: Cut The Front Lace

  • The next thing we're going to do is cut the lace so let's just get right to it as close as possible cut it right on off. I feel like pink makes it look weird so now I'm just gonna center it and put it down where I want it.

Step 6: Glue the Lace

  • Now I'm just gonna do my normal free spray method just a tad in the spot. I want it see it already shifted up chill dude.

Step 7: Style My Lace Part Wig

  • I'm going to try putting just a few curls in this, so I'm going to plug in my curling iron. This whole driving scary not my head feeling tense. I squinted a little too hard my wig said and make sure you get any hair. you're gonna comb normally what we're going to do is mousse it and tweeze it a little bit, because it's looking bulky and thickness to me.   
  • This is my favorite lace part wig. It looked so good, I was very happy with how it looked so natural and beautiful.

Video Tutorial By Challan Trishann

See this video to learn more tips about Quick and Easy Closure Install, Style and MELT.

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