How To Use Heat Styling Tools In The Right Way?

It is very common to use heat styling tools(flat iron /hair curler) to style our hair for a daily stunning look. However, overusing them would cause hair damage like dry hair and hair breakage since the hot temperature can draw the moisture from our hair.

So what is the correct way to use a flat iron or a hair curler? There are a few tips below to help you achieve a gorgeous look and keep your hair healthy.

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Use High-Quality Hair Products for Daily Hair Care

If you regularly maintain your hair by using good quality hair products, it can not be damaged easily because of the rich nutrient in the hair. Choosing hair products is quite important for hair health. The chemicals like sulfate, parabens, and propylene glycol often found in shampoos and conditioners can cause scalp inching, dandruff, hair tangle, and hair loss.

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For proper hair care, we recommend a hair mask. It contains rich ingredients such as natural oils and lipids, which is useful to balance and cleanse the scalp and nourish your hair.

If you are a wig lover and like to try different hairstyles by wearing human hair wigs, your hair should be regularly maintained as well. When you style your hair, remember to use the heat tools in the right way to extend the life of your wigs.

Use Good-Quality Heat Tools

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A high-quality flat iron just like a chemistry-free hair product can help your hair from being damaged. There are three types of flat irons on the market-ceramic, tourmaline, and titanium. Each one will straighten hair, but different attributes make each more beneficial for certain hair textures, ranging from fine wavy hair to kinky coils.

You can choose a flat iron plate that gives fairly even heat distribution, glides through the hair smoothly and leaves behind a glossy sheen as well as the different temperature settings.

Use Heat Tools On Dry Hair

Do not use any hot tools including the straightening irons and curling wands on wet hair since this would burn your hair and cause damage to it. Your hair is at its most fragile when it is wet, so wait until it’s completely dry before you get to straightening.

Moreover, you would run the danger of experiencing electric shock when you use them on wet hair.

Use Heat Protectant Products

You can put on heat protectant spray or lotion to avoid dry and frizzy hair before using heat tools. It is like a shield against the negative effect of high temperatures. Spray it over your hair, brush it through, and make sure your hair is dry before ironing.

Avoid High Temperature

Most of us are used to waiting for the flat iron to become enough hot when straightening our hair. However, the truth is that the hotter flat iron is prone to cause hair damage. So how to use it in the right way?

Instead of immediately putting heat tools on the hottest setting, putting the temperature on the lowest setting. If you think your hair needs more heat, you can gradually turn up the temperature.

Work in Small Sections

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For a sleek and smooth hair look, try to straighten a small section of hair each time and move in slow and careful motion. Otherwise, you will end up running through the same strand multiple times and overheating the outer sides of the section while leaving the inside of it not hot enough to get into the required shape.

Our hair is as precious as our eyes, so we should protect it at any time. We hope this blog will be helpful for you to optimize your hair straightening and curling process.

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