360 Lace Wig VS Lace Front VS Full Lace Wig, Which One Is Better?

Whether you are a wig beginner or a wig lover, you will be anxious about how to choose the most satisfying and most beautiful wig among the various wigs. For the popular lace wigs with good breathability, it is even more difficult to choose. Lace part wigs, lace front wigs, 360 lace wigs, or full lace wigs are all popular wig styles, so how to distinguish them and how to choose? Below, we'll discuss the topics people care about most about them.

360 Lace Wig VS Lace Front VS Full Lace Wig

What Is A 360 Lace Wig?

The 360 lace wig, also known as the 360 lace front wig, is a lace wig with rounded lace on the head. To present a more natural hairline, the human hair in the lace section is hand-knotted into the lace holes. The human hair bundle in the middle and the 360 lace front make up this wig.


Can You Put A 360 Wig in A High Ponytail?

The 360 lace wig is recognized as one of the best choices for ponytail hairstyles. Elegant long ponytails and high buns are all high ponytail looks that show femininity and personality. Other than that, you can color your hair however you want, you can dye it in the most trending reddish hair colors or any other color you like and the wig will look great. You can divide the wig anywhere you want, middle part, side part, three parts, etc.


Of course, while you can reshape your hairstyle however you like, don't forget to take care of your lace wig too. Be sure to pay attention to each brushing method to avoid damage to the wig and your natural scalp. You can use some gel to set your baby hair and you will definitely be excited about the quality of your soft and beautiful hair.

How Long Do 360 Lace Wigs Last?


Generally speaking, it usually lasts for at least half a year, although the specific time depends on your wearing style and hair care condition. Everyone's living habits and favorite hair care products are different, and the lifespan of lace edges will also vary.

Compared to traditional braided bundles, the 360 lace fronts can hold for two weeks without shifting if you use good-quality glue or tape. If you don't like glue and use normally adjustable bandages and small clips to secure your wig, it will last less.

Are 360 Lace Wigs Good?

Because of the pre-plucked hairline, it gives a very realistic look. It's surrounded by a round of lace, it can easily create any look and works best with ponytails and updos. 360 lace wigs can also provide a larger breathing area for your real hair and scalp due to the larger lace area.

What Is A Lace Front Wig?


Lace front wigs are more common, and the rest of the wig is made of a less brittle material that is less prone to tearing or tearing than lace, which is only on the front half of the wig, allowing the wearer to part their hair at will. Frontal wigs are usually held in place with the help of glue and tape that are attached to the front hairline area.

What’s the Point of A Black Lace Front Wig?


Front lace wigs provide the perfect hairline and can be mistaken for your real hair. Many women choose to wear it when swimming and exercising, it can provide the best breathability.

What Is A Full Lace Wig?


A full lace wig is one in which the entire bottom of the wig or the entire head is covered with the same lace material. Unlike other lace wigs, full lace wigs are made by hand-knotting real human hair into the lace, and women can glue the entire wig to the head, not just a section.

Can You Sleep in A Full Lace Wig?

Since you'll be using glue to hold your wig in place, it's impossible to take it off every day before going to bed. It's perfectly fine to sleep with your beautiful wig, but in order to ensure the wig's longevity and suppleness, you must take precautions in advance.

The friction between the wig and the pillow can greatly speed up the wear of the wig, so choosing a silk pillowcase or sleeping with a silk hat is a good idea.

Is A Full Lace Wig A 360?

They are two different wigs. The entire wig section of the full lace wig is hand-woven with strands to the lace cap. The 360 lace wig is a wig with a round lace around the head and a wig cap with a mechanism in the middle.

Which Is Better, Full Lace or 360?


The biggest difference between these two wigs is the lace area, the breathability and price of different wigs are also different due to the lace area. So there are multiple factors to consider when gauging which one is better.

If you are on a budget and don't care about the amount of glue used, full lace is undoubtedly the best for you. Otherwise, 360 lace will suit you better.

If you are a wig beginner, 360 wigs will help you get started quickly.

360 Lace Wig VS Lace Front VS Full Lace Wig, What Are the Differences?

360 Lace Wig Lace Front Wig Full Lace Wig
Price More Expensive Expensive Most Expensive
Basic Material A Circle of Lace on the Head + A Wig Cap on the Top Lace at the Front + Wig Cap at the Back Made Entirely of Lace
Style Diversity Ponytail+Side Braids Side/Middle Part+Low-Ponytail Any Hairstyles
Hand Knoted Area Around Entire Crown Area 13x4/13x5 Lace Front Area All Cap
Beginner-Friendly ☆☆☆☆ ☆☆☆☆☆ ☆☆☆

There's nothing easier than wearing a wig, and many celebrities opt for wigs or hair weave in large venues to show off their unique flair. Wigs have gradually become inseparable from our daily life. If you like natural and simple shapes, then lace wigs must be a good choice. Choose a Sunber wig according to your budget and needs to enrich your life now.

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