How To Put A Lace Frontal In A Ponytail?

Beautiful girls want to achieve a dream of wearing versatile hairstyles. What has a girl got to do when she wants to have nice hair and tie her hair up in a ponytail, But uh oh! There's a problem. How is she supposed to tie her hair up in a ponytail if she is wearing a lace frontal?

The high ponytail is highly welcomed since the feeling of capable and experienced, then today’s blog will mainly discuss the ponytail hairstyle.

ponytail hairstyle with lace frontal

How To Do A Lace Front Ponytail?

Step 1: Attach your lace frontal to your head, leaving a few loose strands of your natural hair poking out of the wig cap on the side and the back. You aren’t going for a slicked-back, cheerleader style ponytail. The idea is to create a mid-to-low ponytail that’s loose.

Step 2: Gather all of the hair on one side of your head and gently pull it towards the spot on your frontal hair you want to position your ponytail.

Step 3: Repeat step two with the other half of your lace frontal weave hair, and secure your lace frontal with a cloth hairband. Plastic or metal hair bands will cause the lace frontal closure to snag.

Step 4: Spray your lace hair with setting spray.

Step 5: Gently position the loose pieces of your natural hair around the frontal hair to create an ‘undone’ look.

Video Tutorial

Follow this video to make the Lace Frontal Ponytail hairstyle your new fave go-to look.

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Top Tips To Make A Ponytail With Lace Frontal

  • High ponytails typically need a firmer grip between the top of your head and the front of your hairline and may take a little more time to create. Low ponytails are much easier to create for beginners.
  • It is better to wear a well-fitting cap underneath your wig to better secure your ponytail. To prevent any slips, put on a tight cap underneath your wig, and secure it using clips.
  • Use a wig adhesive on your forehead to glue the lace down will secure the wig firmly and keep your hairstyle secure.
  • When you have glued the lace onto your forehead, press it down and then blow-dry it a little to dry.
  • Trim any extra parts of the lace (the parts to be cut are ears or forehead) to tidy the lace-up.
  • Cut the lace in a zigzag form (or use special lace cutting scissors which have a zigzag shape) rather than cutting it off straight.
  • To blend your lace frontal with your skin properly, do not forget to spray some hairspray to the ponytail to set in place, or even some dry shampoo to reduce shine.

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