How to Curl Your Body Wave Hair?

Keeping the body wave hair look wavy is an effective way to enhance your hairstyle look. However, achieving this is not that easy, especially if you don’t have the necessary experience to curl the body wave hair.

In this article, we are going to discuss body wave hair as well as some of the ways you can curl it. So we hope this article will be useful.

Remy body wave hair

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What Is Body Wave Hair?

Body wave hairstyle is just hair that is shaped into waves, and the result is a consistent deep “S” pattern on the whole hair bunch. When most ladies buy wigs, they generally focus on the suitability of the wig. If you are interested in curly hair, body wave hair is the best choice.

Why Should You Choose Body Wave Hair?

Body wave hair has plenty of benefits. These include:

  1. It boasts of a natural beachy wave. Many people try to achieve beachy waves with styling products. But the wavy hair offers you that natural beachy wave.
  2. Wavy hair looks youthful and beautiful
  3. There is just something about wavy hair that makes it look elegant and carefree. The thick texture and volume, and the slight wildness- body wave hair have it all.
  4. It is easy to style

Ladies with weave hair don’t need to put much effort to get stick-straight locks, a beachy wave, o a flirty curl. Wavy hair generally goes with the flow.

body wave human hair

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How To Curly Your Body Wave Hair?

There are a number of ways you can keep body wave hair wavy. You can curl the body wave hair by a curling iron, by hair rollers, and by a flat iron. Let’s delve into these methods in detail.

  • How To Curl Your Body Wave Hair With a Curling Iron?

Using the curling iron is the fastest way to curl the body wave hair. However, this method requires one to be attentive because you have to pay attention to the heat of the curling iron.

  1. Start with a section of the body wave hair extension that’s about two inches.
  2. Make sure that the temperature of curling iron does not go past 120℃-180. This will prevent any damage to the hair because high temperature can damage the hair.
  3. Hold the curl for about 10-20 seconds, and then release the hair.
  4. Continue this process throughout your hair, until your whole hair is curled properly.
  5. Use your fingers to loosen and comb your hair, to help you create a beautiful and elegant style.
  6. The next stage is the daily care routine of the body wave human hair.

ombre body wave hair

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  • How To Curl Your Body Hair By Rollers?

The hair rollers can give you voluminous curls without using heat on your hair extensions.  Here are steps to help you curl your body wavy hair using rollers.

  1. Start by spraying a little setting mist on your body wave hair. But if you already did that the previous day, you can wet your hair to make it in a good condition. Remember not to use too much setting mist since it can make your hair tangle.
  2. Using satin rollers, take a section of hair, and roll away from the face one at a time. Repeat this until you place the rollers in your entire hair. Remember that the bigger the section of the hair, the wider the curls will be. So, if you want wider curls, then you will have to section your hair into bigger parts.
  3. You can wait for at least an hour or go to sleep with the hair rollers. This will depend on the amount of time you have.
  4. One by one, gently take out the rollers by lifting the clasp, then rolling them down, away from the face.
  5. At this stage, your curls are probably too tight and glossy. You can loosen them with your fingers. Run your fingers through the hair from roots to ends and shake them out. You can also make them look a little messy. After all, it looks collect that way.
  6. The next thing is to care for the body wave virgin hair.

body wave hair

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  • How To Curl Your Body Wave Hair With A Flat Iron?

This is the method your hairstylist usually uses to curl your body wave hair. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you curl your body wave hair with a flat iron.

  1. Start with the small section of body wave hair bundles at the base of your neck.
  2. Focus on the roots and fold the body wave hair over the top of the iron, sliding along the hair to the end.
  3. Rotate the flat iron during the process, because it is an essential step that will help you get the lovely curls.
  4. Repeat the process until your entire hair has curls.
  5. Once your hair is full of curls, comb the body wave hair with your fingers, to make it look stylish.

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