How should curly wigs be cared for? Here are five tips you need to know


In the fashion aesthetic, the whole hair trend is moving towards curly hair. So, how can we care for our curly wigs to make them more stylized? Today, the author will introduce a few useful tips to help us solve this question.

Frequent Cleaning

After wearing a wig for a few days, ash, sweat, bacteria, or adhesive residue can accumulate, causing damage to the hair strands of the wig. The hair is crocheted on the bottom of the net, which will make the hair easy to fall off if dirt keeps accumulating. However, too much cleaning can also cause hair damage. So 10-15 days to clean once, 20-30 days to do a deep maintenance, after cleaning do sterilization and mite removal and professional aromatherapy treatment.

Do It Yourself -- Hollow Roll

This is a way to curl your hair at home without hurting your wig. After cleaning the wig, when the wig is left to dry 70 to 80 percent, the hair is divided into 1 to 3 cm dreadlocks, and then evenly rolled into curls, fixed with a hairpin, and then sprayed with styling products, to be taken off when dry.


The Proper Way to Blow Dry A Wig

When using a hair dryer to dry the wig, attention should be paid to blowing from the root to the tail, otherwise it will blow the original shaped curly wig messy, in addition, it will damage the hair. At the same time, the hair dryer should move along the direction of the comb, so that the hair can produce shine, appear beautiful and not easy to get out of shape.


A Treatment Containing Almond Oil

If curly wigs lack of daily care, resulting in dry split and other situations, the best way is to use high nutrition for care. Hair experts recommend treating human wigs with an almond-based serum, which adds strength and makes hair healthier and fuller. This is because almond essence is more likely to penetrate damaged hair strands and repair them from the inside, bringing curly wigs back to health quickly.


Make Good Use of Hair Styling Products

When styling curly wigs, most people opt for hair gel. When using hair gel, gently rub the hair slightly upward, not downward, which can straighten the hair and ruin the curl of the wig. Generally, the effect is better when the hair is 70 to 80 percent dry. However, if your hair is fine and soft, mousse, wax, or nutrient water may be more appropriate. Because mousse is light, and it doesn't change the volume of your hair like hair gel does. When choosing hair gel, please try to choose hand-applied products, which can increase the strength and elasticity of the hair.


Those are the five tips you can use to care for curly wigs. If you want to learn more about wigs, please click through this link.

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