Fashionable and Youthful Half-tied Wigs are Leading the Trend in 2023


Hair style plays an important role in a person's temperament. When we look at someone, we tend to start by looking at their hairstyle. A stylish wig can make you stand out in a crowd, so we should try something different. Thus, the half-tied wig that's set to be a trend in 2023 might bring you a surprise.

What is the Half-tied Wig?

A half-tied wig, as the name implies, is a hairstyle that is half tied up and half loose. This hairstyle not only preserves the wig's role in shaping the face and making it slimmer but also makes the hair neater, giving a clean and tidy look. What's more, a half-tied wig can have an age-reducing effect.

Several Styles of Half-tied Wigs

1.Half-tied wig with a bun. First off, the design of the half-tied wig itself can modify the shape of the face, plus the ball head can achieve the natural effect of raising the cranial roof. Long or short, there's no pressure to pull off this style. Short hair makes people feel more youthful and lively, while long hair will give people a kind of ladylike temperament. At the same time, when choosing this hairstyle, it is best to choose the design of curly hair, so that it appears more fashionable.


2.Braided and half-tied wigs. Compared to bun hair, braided hair design can highlight the overall temperament, and is suitable for a variety of styles. If you like elegant style, you can choose loose braids; For a tidy style, go for fish-bone braids or dreadlocks. Such a half braided hair, half loose hair, can make the overall release more natural.


3.Half-tied wig with a ponytail. This style is also a common half-tied hairstyle. The line of the ponytail can optimize the shoulder and neck ratio and improve the overall temperament. Similarly, this hairstyle is also suitable for the design of curly hair, highlighting the sense of fashion while adding volume.


A Few Tips on the Half-tied Wigs

1.Choose a fluffy wig. If the hair is cling to the scalp, it gives an impression of poor hair volume. The fluffy design enhances the effect of a high cranial top and makes the facial proportions more balanced. At the same time, because the lines of the face are elongated, it will also bring the effect of a thin face, more youthful and energetic.

Make your hair a little bit messy. When wearing a half-tied wig, you can deliberately not comb your hair too neat, because a hairstyle that is too neatly will expose the shortcomings of your head. So, you can create a messy look when wearing a half-tied wig. You can use messy hair to modify the shape of your face, so that the facial line is more smooth and natural, full of fashion sense.

3.Use the fringe to optimize your facial proportions. Whether to include the fringe in a half-tied wig depends on the shape and proportion of the face. If you have a broad forehead, a side-parting fringe is a good choice. However, a half-tied wig with fringe is not recommended if you have a short chin. In addition, fringe can modify the problem of the high hairline, and create the effect of youth and age reduction.

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