How Much Do You Know About Passion Twist Hair?

All women will revel in the passion twist hair, it never makes you bored and exhausted, it is the best decision to protect your hair and be low maintenance. Read on to get to know this hairstyle better before trying it out!

What’s The Passion Twist Hair?

Passion Twist Hair

Passion Twists was created by Kailyn Rogers as a hairstylist's attempt to create a new hairstyle based on client requests for a natural look and easy-to-mantain hairstyle. These lightweight, bouncy twists are extremely popular. The two-strand braid is made with water wave braided hair, which has a natural texture and adds a boho-chic touch.

What Hair To Use for Passion Twist?

Choose any hair bundles of your favorite color and wave state to help you achieve passion twists. The best products used to achieve the twist of passion are Remy straight hair weave, deep wave hair bundles, 4x4 lace closure, etc.

How Many Packs Of Hair For Passion Twist?

Depending on how thick your hair is, usually 7-8 packs of Passion Twist Crochet Hair for an adult can help you achieve the hairstyle you want.

How To Do Passion Twist On Natural Hair?

Here's what you need to do before you give your hair a passion twist:

1. Wash your natural hair and let it air dry.

2. Divide your hair into many small sections according to your preference and wait for braiding.

3. Before you start, please know that it may take up most of your day, and if you can't stand it, be sure to see your hairstylist.

Braid each section of natural hair into a three-strand braid, but please note that you don’t need to braid all the way to the end. Take out two pieces of hair weaves and use a crochet hook to fix them on your scalp, then divide the wig and your natural hair into two parts, and then it just takes more twisting and tugging, the force that makes them tangle together while maintaining a semi-curled shape, and you end up with an S-shaped twist. Repeat these steps for all remaining small sections.

How Long Does Passion Twist Last?

After you complete the above styling, you can use a setting mousse to make it elastic and shiny to ensure it lasts longer.

The twist of passion generally lasts 1 to 2 months, and it can last longer if you protect it properly. The best way to maintain it is to oil your twists and scalp every other day and apply alcohol- or silicone-free mousse to the ends of your braids. When sleeping at night, try to use pillows or hats made of silk or satin.

Nonetheless, many experienced passion twist wearers will advise you not to wear them for too long, lest they affect the health of your natural hair.

What Hairstyles Can Passion Twist Achieve?

Ombre Passion Twist

Ombre Passion Twist

Ombre wigs are a magic weapon to make you full of energy, so the passion twist of gradient colors will make you stand out from the crowd. This just requires you to choose a different weave than your natural hair color for the installation, you can choose a black and brown ombre or try a bold burgundy ombre.

Short Passion Twist Hair

Short Passion Twist Hair

These warm, short curls at the ends also add to the look of real, natural hair. This is a very chic and elegant hairstyle with a twist that is almost an inch above the shoulders and goes well with pantsuits and office shirts.

Honey Blonde Passion Twists Hair

Honey Blonde Passion Twists Hair

The warm undertone of honey gold suits all skin tones and can add vitality to your face and overall appearance. Honey blonde passion twists hair perfectly accentuating your features and bringing a touch of sunshine to your look.

Water Wave Passion Twist Hair

Water Wave Passion Twist Hair

Water wave passion twists are suitable for any curl type from 3A to 4C tighter curls. The hair also tangles more easily and it's less likely to slip out. It can be used with or without volume and you will still get a great passionate twist effect.

Passion Twist with Accessories

Passion Twist with Accessories

The best way to add a little fun to your passion twist hair is to utilize a variety of hair accessories. This not only breaks up the dullness of your hair but also makes your style more flexible.

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