All About Passion Twist For A Beginner Need To Know

Do you know Passion Twist hair? Do you want to give it a try? Whether you first heard about it, today I'll show you about passion twist. This hairstyle has gained massive popularity and is trending.

Passion Twist hair

What is a Passion Twist?

Passion twists are a hairstyle that weaves hair wrapped around each other. It was created in 2018, by Miami hairstylist Kailyn Rogers, hearing that she was named after her mother. Once created, this hairstyle was loved by many celebrities, who also called it the goddess hairstyle. Water wave braiding hair is responsible for the curly texture and silky feel of passion twists. This is what makes passion twist styles different from faux locks. Passion twists are also less uniform than Senegalese twists and are often seen as a child born from the latter and goddess locs.

How to do a passion twist?

Step 1: Apply a moderate amount of olive oil to your clean natural hair and massage it in. Next, put your natural hair into a loose bun to make it easier to work with.

Step 2: First, prepare a sharp tail comb and a mirror. Use a comb to divide your natural hair into different areas. Use your fingers to grab the root of your hair and smooth it along it with a comb. Then tie a rubber band tightly on the root of the area to make a small ponytail. Repeat until all your hair is tied up.

Step 3: Pick one ponytail and apply your hair hold from the shafts to the ends of your natural hair. Take one loc of extension and begin to unravel the twists from the bottom to the top. You will be able to wrap it around your ponytail. Place the middle of the twist exactly where the rubber band is and with your ponytail in the center, braid to about one inch and a half.

Step 4: Next, take your natural hair and join it to one of the twists, and then start to twist the hair all the way down. Repeat for the remaining ponytails.

Step 5: Using a brush, lay your edges to perfect the finished look. Well done! Your passion twists turned out beautifully.

Some Passion twist hairstyles to try in 2023.

1. Chunky Passion Twists

Chunky Passion Twists

These chunky short passion twists are so plump and juicy. The two buns really pop with the cinnamon brown color and are a great styling option for bringing attention to color and highlights.

2. Shoulder Length Passion Twists

Shoulder Length Passion Twists

Wearing passion twists at shoulder length creates a very natural protective hairstyle. We love the effortless vibe of passion twist hairstyles and the healthy shine of the hair.

3. Passion Twists with Accessories

Passion Twists with Accessories

Choosing to accessorize or not to accessorize your passion twists is a personal decision that you get to make every day. Whether you are into beads, shells, or cuffs, passion twists offer the option of rocking one or all of these accessories that are frequently used to add personality and pizzazz to braided hairstyles. This passion twist updo hairstyle uses hair cuffs to add color and shine to the hair and draw attention to the face by framing it.

4. Passion Twist Bangs and Shaved Sides

Passion Twist Bangs and Shaved Sides

If you have shaved sides or any similar tapered haircut, there’s no reason you can’t also rock some passion twists. These passion twist bangs are a fun way to experiment with bangs of different lengths and colors.

5. Passion Twists with Curly Ends

Passion Twists with Curly Ends

If you prefer your extensions to have a perfect curl and little to no frizz, this is the hairstyle for you. Opt for multi-tone passion twists to make a statement.

6. Fluffy Fashion Twists

Fluffy Fashion Twists

These long passion twists pop due to the two-tone look created by the wearer's natural hair color and the color of the extensions used. It’s an easy way to create the two-toned look without having to purchase different color extensions.

7. Mid Back Fluffy Passion Twists

Mid Back Fluffy Passion Twists

The silkiness and shine of water wave extensions are on full display for these long, mid-back, black passion twists that look really touchable and shiny.

8. Passion Twist Updo

Passion Twist Updo

This updo is perfect for the office, a wedding, or other formal event. Don’t hesitate to make this your next hairdo for any upcoming events that require that extra level of glam and elegance.


The Passion Twist hairstyle is a symbol of enthusiasm, a symbol of love for life, if your life is very dull and lacks of passion, you can try this hairstyle. I believe it will bring you good luck. The specific knitting method has been given to you, you can try it out, to bring more fun to your life.

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