How Does Hime Cut Hair Stay at the Forefront of Fashion?

With people's bold attempts and the continuous update of fashion creativity, hime cut hair can now incorporate a variety of hair lengths and curvatures, and anyone can try it. For those who pursue more details, we will introduce hime cut hairstyles in detail below and the perfect face shape it can match, so continue reading.

What Is A Hime Cut?

Hime Cut

The hime cut hair is a neat and tidy style. It means princess in Japanese, which is one of the reasons why this hairstyle is so popular among women. The hime cut consists of blunt bangs and a side part that can perfectly modify the face shape, with the hair naturally falling down the back. It is a classic hairstyle that many singers and actors will try.

What Face Shape Is Good for Hime Cut?

“Does hime cut suit oval face or round face?” We often hear this question, so what face shape is good for hime cut?

short hime cut hair

Many hairstylists have said that the hime cut hair is suitable for people with any face shape. Whether your face is round, oval, or square, you just need to tell the hairstylist your needs and let her adjust the length ratio of the forehead bangs and the side bangs when cutting.

Bangs can help people with long faces improve their sense of balance. If you have a round face and your forehead is not too wide, the hime hair without bangs will highlight your advantages.

Is A Hime Cut A Mullet?

Mullet cut, wolf cut, and hime cut can be considered the same hairstyle to a certain extent. They all have shorter front cuts and longer hair scattered on the back. Hime cut hair not only has blunt bangs but also has side cuts that modify the face shape.

Would You Try Hime Cut No Bangs?

Hime Cut No Bangs

In people's common perception, the hime cut hairstyle will be more charming with bangs, making the face fuller and creating a princess look. But the hime cut no bangs has also shown its unique charm in many fashion shows. Removing the blunt bangs on the forehead and leaving only the cuts on the sides of the cheeks can highlight your delicate eyebrows and eyes and also have the effect of modifying the face shape.

How To Cut A Hime Cut?

To get a hime cut hairstyle, you only need a pair of scissors and a few clips. You can also do it at home without asking your hairdresser.

Divide the hair into two parts: the hair that surrounds the face and the remaining hair. Use clips to fix the hair at the back and then start cutting the blunt bangs on the forehead and the side cuts on the face. The specific length can be adjusted according to your needs. The cut that can perfectly improve your face shape is considered the most successful.


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