How to Choose the Best length of A Body Wave Wig?

When choosing a wig, we should not only consider the texture, color, lace size, and material of the wig, but also the length of the wig. It’s important to know enough about how each length of wig can help provide the look you want. Without knowing this, you may end up with a great wig, but not perfect for yourself.

Length Classification of Body Wave Wig

The length of wigs is generally divided into four categories, short hair, medium hair, long hair, and extra-long hair.

wig length

Short Length: 6 inches to 10 inches

Medium Length: 12 inches to 14 inches

Long Length: 18 inches to 24 inches

Extra Length: 26 inches and longer

How to Measure A Body Wave Wig?

How to measure a body wave wig

Often the length of the wig marked on the wig package you buy refers to the length from the root of the wig around the crown to the very end of the wig. Before measuring a wig, you need to prepare a soft ruler and a mannequin head, because the result will be inaccurate if the wig is laid flat on the table.

What Length Wigs Do Women Buy Most Often?

Sometimes we want to radically change our style, so we go for something short and bright. Other times we want to look classy, so we’ll opt for wigs that are far back. Or we just want a wig to look as natural as possible, so we go for a medium-length style.

28 inch body wave wig

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As we all know, a suitable wig can modify the face shape well and make us look more energetic. If you have an oval face, you can try a body wave wig of any length. But if you have a round face, a longer-length wig will be more flattering. Try a style with short layers if your face is rectangular.

If your life and work require you to be a very capable person, then short or medium-length hair will be your best companion. And if your work suits a very elegant look, then medium-length hair or a longer wig will definitely be your first choice, because you can not only let your hair loose but also do whatever you want according to different occasions.

12 inch body wave wig

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20 inch body wave wig

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Another factor you need to consider when choosing a wig size is your height. If you choose a certain size wig and you are tall, the wig will appear shorter on you than an average height person. Conversely, shorter people wear wigs that appear much longer than average-height women.

14 Inch Body Wave Wig

14 inch body wave wig

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16 Inch Body Wave Wig

16 Inch Body Wave Wig

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12-16 inch body wave perm short hair wigs look natural but are short enough to be easily washed and worn on the traveling.

18 Inch Body Wave Wig

18 Inch Body Wave Wig

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20 Inch Body Wave Wig

20 Inch Body Wave Wig

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18-22 inch body wave wigs and Brazilian body wave hair 3 bundles can be easily tied into a ponytail for a daytime look or laid down for an elegant nighttime vibe.

Wig lengths of 18-22 inches are the most popular because they are long and full without sacrificing volume. And no matter what occasion you wear these wigs, they will accentuate your glamorous look. They are also relatively manageable compared to extremely long wigs.

Anyway, keep in mind one important fact is that the more curly wigs you buy, the shorter your hair will look, a very curly 18 inch wig will look like a straight 16 inch wig.

Interact with us in the comments and let us know which wig length you like best!

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