Hair Color 430 VS P430 VS F430, All the Secrets You Want to Know About Color

Our common hair colors are usually represented by numbers, but how to accurately determine which one is the color you want in the huge number code? In fact, there are rules and a basis for the numerical naming of colors. Hair colors are graded on a scale of 1-10, with 1 being the darkest color, a natural black, and then gradually lightening to a 10-level blonde.

If you love your hair color but want to add some depth, dimension, and style to it, you should definitely choose a highlighted wig. This year's most popular warm-colored hair with very similar colors, hair color 430, P430, and F430, should not only appear in the videos of celebrities but should also be brought into your life to add more fashion sense.

What Is Hair Color 430?

Hair Color 430

Hair color 430 is a dark brown with a sense of vitality and luxury. The difference from 1b30 is that their hair roots have a different color design. The 430 roots are lighter #4 color. When we choose a colorful wig, the most commonly named 430 color is the auburn highlight color wig, which is in high demand among fashionistas and provides a soft and natural look.

What Is P430 Hair Color?

P430 Hair Color

We usually define P430 as a highlight brown color, it's a more advanced hair color with a muted pop of color.

Tired of drab black tones? Do you want to add a lot of warmth to your hair? Shades of brown will give your hair new life! What color highlights look good on brown hair? Any light brown and blonde shades will look beautiful, as will dark hair highlights. Caramel, honey, blonde, natural brown, toffee, or maroon highlights, look great on dark, medium, and light brown hair and are sure to add to your to-try list.

What Is F430 Hair Color?

F430 Hair Color

F430 stands for Medium Dark Brown Frosted Light Auburn, where F stands for Frosted (even streaks of color side by side). Because different manufacturers, factories, types of fibers, dye batches, and different wig patterns may cause a color-coded wig to be not exactly the same, wig manufacturers usually assign auburn brown, highlight brown, and natural blonde Defined as F430.

Why Do People Choose Warm Color Wigs Like 430, P430, F430?


Reasonable highlight brown hair color choices depend in part on the length of the hair but are not limited by them. Women can easily decide to reverse the highlight or try unexpected short brown hair versions for a more original and defined look. Of course, although it is not limited by the length of the hair, beautiful long hair can fully reflect the charm of the warm-tone highlight color.

Wear a highlight brown wig in your constant life, it will not only give you a jumpy, happy vibe, but it will also refresh your hair color, add depth and texture to your hairstyle, and gives you a sexy and charming temperament.

Why Kie Rahon Recommends P430 Wigs?

Buy Now Pay Later

In the video, Kie Rahon shows the details of Sunber 150% density 20 inch piano brown highlight water wave wig, as well as the process of processing the lace part. Even in summer, you can easily use this wig for a gorgeous high ponytail or bun styling!

Details about Wigs Recommended By Kie Rahon

☆ Item: Sunber Piano Brown Highlight Water Wave 13*4 Lace Frontal Human Hair Wig

☆ Hair Material: 100% Human Hair Wig Without Chemical Processed

☆ Hair Color: P430 Highlight Brown Color

☆ Lace Size: 13x4 Lace Front

☆ Hair Density: 150% Density

☆ Cap Size: Cirumference:22-22.5 Inches; Front to Nape: 13.5 Inches; Ear to Ear: 15.25 Inches

☆ Texture: Water Wave Wig, Pre-Plucked Hairline, Soft, Comb Easily, Minimal Shedding, No Tangling

☆ Shipment: USPS Express 2-3 Business Days; USPS 3-5 Business Days; DHL/ UPS 4-6 Business Days; To the UK 5-10 Business Days; (APO/FPO Takes 7-15 Days)

☆ Special Features: Can Be Bleached, Dyed, and Restyled

Mystery Unboxing!


You'll get a nice brown highlight P430 hair color wig, a turban headband, two wig caps, luxurious eyelashes, a makeup brush, and a brown bonnet from Sunber's package.

You can also see all the details about this wig from the video, there will be 3 small clips on the wig cap and an adjustable strap to help you fix your wig better.

There are no obvious knots in the front lace part, it looks very smooth and natural, and you don't need to spend more energy to pre-pluck the hair.

The Benefits of Choosing P430 Water Wave Wig:

<1> It's your best companion if you don't want to spend too much effort changing your hairstyle for different occasions and seasons.

<2> It not only shows personality, confidence, and style but also makes people look younger and more energetic.

<3> This is also the advice for the best highlighter for beginners because it is closer to your skin tone, so it can brighten your complexion and make people look passionate.

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Hair is already an important part of people's styling, we can use different tools to dye our hair, straighten, or perm different textures to match our makeup or the occasion we are going to attend, and become one of the many girls’ fashion focus. Trying some of the warm-toned highlighted wigs for beginners that we mentioned today can not only satisfy your beauty needs, but also protect your natural hair well, and maybe save you some money!

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