Full Lace Wig VS Lace Front Wig, Which One Is Better?

Human hair wigs are very popular among black fashion women. For a reason, it is the fastest way to change the wearer’s look and conceal the thinning hair perfectly. The most loved wigs are full lace wigs and lace front wigs.

Those who decide to buy a wig, sometimes mistaken for a full lace wig and a lace front wig. We don’t know the difference between them, which one do ours prefer?

Don’t hurry! Today, we're going to be breaking down the difference of these two different hair wig types: full lace wig and lace frontal wig.

human hair wig for black women

What Is Full Lace Wig?

The full lace wig is all constructed from the lace and it covers all your head. Like the lace front wig, the full lace can also be parted anywhere you want.

It is constructed from a lace cap that covers the whole head, 100% human hair is knotted into this by hand. Moreover, you can out the hair up in a ponytail to create a natural look.

The lace is lightweight and breathable, bringing a comfortable feeling when wearing it. So don’t worry that the other can detect you are wearing a wig.

Full lace wigs provide the fuller and thicker hair. It is very suitable for those who are severe baldness.

Another texture of this normal wig is that it is much more flexible compared to the lace front. Thanks to this benefit, it attracts a large number of customers.

You also simply wear and style it. As long as you choose the right size, your wig is ready to wear without making any adjustments.

full lace wig

What Is Lace Front Wig?

You are curious about the difference between full lace wig vs lace front wig. Continue learning about lace front wigs to distinguish.

Human hair lace frontal wigs are wigs that have a front hairline along with a small sheer lace panel attached to the wig’s front. The hair bundles are sewn manually with hand into the holes of the lace.

Using lace front wigs are very easy since they cover the whole scalp area with a natural appearance and are elastic.

Lace frontal wigs are perfect and very well-liked because even if you use a lace frontal wig, it seems in front like it has a natural hairline.

It has a variety of hair types, curly hair lace front wig, water wave lace front wig, human hair lace front wig straight with baby hair, deep wave lace front wig, etc.

As you can see, the lace of wig is often 2-3 inches in width and applied to the front edges of your head. The rest of the wig is made by sewing the hair weave on, not ventilating directly onto the lace anymore.

Besides, the wig is safe to wear and it will not slide down when wearing it. Often it is put on your head with glue or tape. The support of adhesive helps to secure the wig in place and you can wear it for a long time, up to 6 weeks.

Moreover, it has an amazing strap inside that may be tightened. So feel free to brush and style the wig to have the best look.

lace front wig

The Pros And Cons Using Full Lace Wig


  1. More versatile

They can be separated anywhere and styled in many different ways, while the lace front wig is not the case.

  1. More natural

The full lace wig is laced everywhere and can be worn in a high ponytail, which looks more natural than a lace front wig.

  1. It’s airy

Made of lace means that your scalp will be breathing as usual. This makes it easy for your natural hair to grow healthy.

  1. They are light

Even though you are wearing a whole lace cap, they are light. Thus, you don’t have to worry about it feeling like a log on your head.


Everything comes at a price, and full lace wigs are often more expensive.

straight hair full lace wig

The Pros And Cons Using Lace Front Wig


  1. Looks natural

The reason why we use the lace frontal is that it gives you a finished look with the perfectly created hairline at the front. Furthermore, the baby hairs look so natural. The secret is to pluck them well.

  1. Cheap and affordable price

This is cheaper than buying a full lace wig. For most customers, this is an affordable option.

  1. It’s versatility

You can use the lace front to create all the different styles you want. Although it is not as versatile as a full lace wig, it is also very effective.

  1. Easy to Take On & Off 

Even a beginner can get this right with the right instructions and videos on YouTube. This is not only a time saver but it also lets you slay.


  1. Lack of flexibility

Unlike the full lace wig that mimics your natural hair and therefore you can style it however you wish, this one you can’t. Styles like ponytail won’t work when you have the lace frontal wig. The lace front human hair wig is only worn at the front thus limiting the styles you can use.

  1. Slippage

Wear a full lace wig that can’t be fixed with adhesive or tape. It may slip backward or slide down from the head.

  1. Damage to the hairline and scalp

If not properly maintained, it can damage the scalp and hair.

curly hair lace front wig

Full Lace Wig VS Lace Front Wig, What Is The Difference?

  1. Material Of Base:

In the front portion of the wig, a lace front wig applies a 13*4 inch lace base that covers the front half of the wig. On the other hand, full lace wig comes with a base that is made entirely of lace while the lace material covers the whole head essentially.

  1. Price

Full lace wigs all use lace and the hair requires hand-knotted, which means full lace wigs are more time to consume and laborious than front lace wigs. So, the full lace wigs tend to be slightly more expensive than lace frontal wig as it takes longer even 3-5 days to make.

  1. Natural Look

The lace front wig has two parts, lace, and other materials, and there is a joint between the two pieces. Unable to separate the hair arbitrarily. The full lace wig is made of all lace and looks more natural.

  1. Styles

Full lace wigs are more natural, hairstyles are more diverse, hair can be arbitrarily separated, and there are different styles such as ponytail and braid. While the possibility of hairstyling in lace front wigs is relatively small.

  1. Durability

Both wigs are extremely durable, and if you can use them carefully, clean and protect, wigs can last a long time. However, full lace wig can last longer than lace frontal wig. It is important to choose the wigs that fit the size of the head.

wave human hair wig

Full Lace Wig VS Lace Front Wig, Which One Is Better?

  • 1. There’s not one that we can say is better for you. It all depends on the personal preference as well as the style you intend to make. Both wigs are ideal.
  • 2. In terms of price, the lace front wig is cheaper, but from the hairstyle, the style of the full lace wig is more natural and more varied.
  • 3. If you want a variety of hairstyles, it is recommended that you choose a full lace wig. If you just want to try different colors of hair, you can choose a slightly cheap lace front wig.
  • 4. In fact, you need to choose the best wig in your own affordable range according to your actual needs and budget.


You can understand the differences between full lace wig vs lace front wig after reading this article. They all have their benefits and drawbacks, which one is better – full lace wig vs front lace, it is up to you. Depending on your hobby, need, and budget, opt for a wig to change your hair and your life.

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