Everything About Shoulder Length Haircut

For most people, long shoulder-length hair is much more popular. First, it's easier to manage and doesn't take up much time. Second, it can better modify the face shape. Third, it can change a variety of hairstyles. If you haven't trimmed your hair for a long time, you can try short shoulder-length hair. Shoulder-length hairstyles are both functional and stylish, striking the perfect balance between the ease of a shortcut and the versatility of a long style. whether it’s waves and highlights, a sleek pin-straight shoulder-length hairstyle, or a shaggy layered cut – there is something for you below.

What is a shoulder Length Haircut?

The shoulder-length haircut genre — one that hits below the chin but not further than the collarbone — is possibly the most versatile of them all. You can pull your hair up into a topknot without it being too heavy and giving you a headache, but you also have room to create a ton of different looks.

shoulder Length Haircut

Who is suitable for a shoulder length haircut?

A shoulder-length haircut fits everyone. Because of its moderate length, it fits into all the colors and textures. To layer or not to layer, to stack or not to stack, to bang or not to bang? These are all decisions you can make to create the best shoulder-length hair for you. It is also suitable for people of all ages. Forget what you thought about long hair past the age of 40—thick hair looks more youthful and polished when it falls shoulder-length or longer. Shorter hair tends to expand at the ends, leaving you with an unflattering triangle effect.

15 kinds of shoulder length haircuts are recommended for you

1. Straight Layered Medium Length Hair

Straight Layered Medium Length Hair

Sophisticated and chic, this haircut is a sure stunner. Straight cuts may be hard to maintain, but the flare and confidence they deliver are more than worth it!

2. Sliced Bangs and Layers

Sliced Bangs and Layers

Medium haircuts for straight thick hair need layers for texture and lightness. With this cut, you can enjoy the ease and volume of multiple sliced layers throughout the length of your hair.

3. Wavy Hairstyle with Textured Ends

Wavy Hairstyle with Textured Ends

Medium-length hairstyles are meant to show off the beauty of your free-flowing locks. A haircut like this doesn’t require much time to style – just learn how to blow-dry your medium locks to create those pretty face-framing waves.

4. Mid-Length Hair with Swoopy Layers

Mid-Length Hair with Swoopy Layers

Such layers make your locks seem very soft, light, and shiny – and that’s exactly what you need for a date or a night out. Of course, hair health is crucial for this kind of effect.

5. Wavy Mid-Length Hair with Balayage

Wavy Mid-Length Hair with Balayage

Getting a balayage is a great way to spice up mid-length haircuts. It magically makes thin hair appear more voluminous and thicker locks seem less heavy. How? Only the best hair colorists know how this magic works.

6. Butterfly Layers with Two-Way Flip

Butterfly Layers with Two-Way Flip

Trending butterfly haircuts is just the thing for medium hair that needs extra volume and bounce, the more so as the layers can be placed strategically to balance your bone structure, for example, the wide jawline.

7. Medium Rooted Blonde Haircut

Medium Rooted Blonde Haircut

The good old blonde balayage and shadow roots are a never dying and always-working combination. Medium haircuts for women who prefer blonde shades and whose locks need dimension and extra volume, almost always include layers.

8. Light Brown Lob with Face Framing

Light Brown Lob with Face Framing

Although oval faces can pull off shoulder-length haircuts of any type, here is an excellent way of emphasizing the perfect symmetry of this face shape with both a center part and a set of subtly highlighted layers.

9. Icy Blonde Comb-Over Lob

Icy Blonde Comb-Over Lob

Medium-length haircuts for fine and thin tresses should deliver some depth and volume at the roots and retain much of the body around the ends, which is just the case with this cool long bob.

10. Choppy Layers in Mink Brown

Choppy Layers in Mink Brown

While intensely texturized by placing choppy layers throughout the perimeter, the heft of this brown mane is balanced out with a wispy fringe and wrapped in hot and happening mink shades.

11. Copper on the Top, Layers on the Bottom

 Copper on the Top, Layers on the Bottom

This style has all the layering shifted toward the bottom to produce the most bounce around the ends and let the roots and mid-length show off the mesmerizing splashes of red.

12. Shoulder Length Hair With Updo

Shoulder Length Hair With Updo

While shoulder-length hair isn’t long enough for an elaborate updo hairstyle, it is perfect for a chic, low-bun look. The key is to backcomb your hair so there’s still volume at the crown, then sweep it back into a messy bun at the nape of your neck. Leave out some pieces at the front to frame your face and add a subtle curl to keep the look soft.

13. Shoulder Length Hair With Braids

Shoulder Length Hair With Braids

Braids look great at every length, including medium or shoulder-length. These braids are flattering on most face shapes, making your face look slimmer and longer while emphasizing the jawline.

14. Straight Wispy Chocolate Brown Bob

Straight Wispy Chocolate Brown Bob

If you have fine straight hair, add some excitement and bounce to your strands with a simple smooth bob that barely grazes the shoulders. Razored or point-cut ends bring interest to one-length hairstyles.

15. Shoulder-Length Hairstyle for Wavy Hair

Shoulder-Length Hairstyle for Wavy Hair

Perfect for any occasion, this mid-length hairstyle oozes so much elegance! The curly locks add extra dimension and texture to your locks, making your naturally wavy hair even more voluminous and appealing. This hairdo will look great both with your daily outfits and evening gown.


Shoulder-length hair is a beautiful choice for many women, and if your hair is a little sparse, it can make it look more elastic and plump. Like you can get it in a messy bun, or a smooth ponytail. Hitting the sweet spot between the extreme pixie crop and flowing Ariel-style locks, shoulder-length hairstyles are the epitome of versatility. And, with sartorial trends forever ebbing and flowing, versatility is vital.

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