Worried about your wig blowing away in the wind? Show you three ways to secure wigs


We often see various videos and films on the Internet in which wigs are blown off in the wind, and the scene is once very embarrassing. But do wigs really blow off so easily? How is the wig held in place? Today we are going to look at three ways to secure a wig so that we don't have to worry about that embarrassing thing happening.

1. The BB Clip


BB clip is a small clip sewn inside the wig. This fixing method is the most common in wigs. Wigs are fixed by default with clips. Generally there are 3 small clips, the position below the back of the head has one, the left and right temples each, triangular distribution. When wearing, break the clip, stick it into your hair, and then buckle the clip. Since the triangle is the most stable shape, the BB clip is so strong that it cannot be pulled off (unless the hair is pulled off with it).

2. Glue for Wigs

What if you're bald and you can't use a BB clip without hair? This is where the wig glue comes in. The glue is applied just above the hairline and does not touch the hair follicles, so it does not affect the hair health. The fastness is also very good, usually wear to sleep is OK. Like a wig with the lace net, whether it is bald or not, it must be worn with glue. The wig used in costume dramas is a lace wig that is glued together. It will not fall off when jumping up and down and turning somersault, which shows that the fastness of the glue is very good.


Of course, people with hair can also choose a glue wig to wear. Although the glue wig is more troublesome than the BB clip, the experience is better, because some people might have a drooping feeling or feel some hair pulling after clip. So if you are not afraid of trouble, you can choose to wear a glue wig instead of the BB clip.

3. Non-slip Silicone

Non-slip silicone is mainly for skinheads who don't want to use glue. The silicone is sewn inside the wig and makes direct contact with the scalp. However, non-slip silicone can only play the role of non-slip, itself is not sticky, so the fastness is not as good as glue, under the action of external forces, such as pulling or windy weather, will lead to wig displacement.



These are the three ways to secure a wig, so we don't need to worry about the wig falling or blowing off, and different people are suitable for different ways of securing a wig. If you have more questions, please click this link for more information.


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