What’s Nappy Hair?

Nappy hair already has alternative words, such as coily hair, kinky hair, or 4b hair, etc., and nappy should no longer carry any prejudice. It originally means playfulness, and relaxation, or is regarded as a greeting. As for some questions about nappy hair, we make the following brief summary.

What’s Nappy Hair?

nappy hair

Nappy hair is usually identified as curly and dry hair, and some people call it coily or 4b hair. It is simply used to describe hair texture.

How To Get Rid of Nappy Hair?

A few years ago, people still had misconceptions about Afro hair, and everyone thought it was difficult to take care of. Many black women choose to braid their hair or wear wigs, while black men frequently cut their new hair short. However, as people's understanding of Afro hair has changed, more and more hair care methods have been put into use, and people are no longer troubled by their nappy hair.

To keep your nappy hair in its natural state, proper care is essential.

wash your afro hair

First of all, you need to make sure to wash your hair with warm water once or twice a week (but be sure not to wash it every day, as this will dry out your scalp faster), and use conditioner to make it soft and smooth. Try to keep your hair clean and tidy in your daily life.

Secondly, be sure not to use any heat-styling tools to style your hair. Although you will get a satisfactory hairstyle, your hair will also become brittle and cause damage in the process.

Don't use shampoos that contain sulfates, which can strip oil from your scalp and make your hair dry.

keep your hair moist

Because nappy hair breaks easily, don’t forget to moisturize it at all times! Water-based moisturizing products combined with coconut oil can help better lock in moisture and prevent breakage.

Besides, hairstyle is also very important. Braiding or cornrowing can reduce hair damage or breakage. Use silk pillows to reduce friction with your hair when sleeping.

How To Soften Nappy Hair?

how to soften your nappy hair

Stick to the answer to the second question above and your nappy hair will gradually improve. It mainly boils down to the following points:


Keep it moist. This not only requires you to choose the right shampoo and conditioner during the washing process but also requires you to make extra efforts, such as using coconut oil or castor oil on your clean hair, which can effectively avoid hair moisture loss.

Avoid knots. Use a wide-tooth comb to comb your hair occasionally to remove tangles and keep your hair smooth.

Why Do Blacks Have Nappy Hair?

coily hair for balck woman

Because the hair follicles of black people are mostly oval, which makes the hair more curly, but their hair quality is different, including straight and coily hair. Nappy hair is more used to describe messy, knotted, dry hair and cannot be directly defined as black’ hair.

"I love my natural hair. Don’t call it nappy because it is mine. It is beautiful. And I’ll wear it however my soul wants to." Dana Oliver once said this here. We should reduce the occurrence of the adjective “nappy hair”. Every girl has the right to pursue natural beauty and receive sincere compliments.

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