Versatile Front Wig Hairstyles Deserve To Try

Lace front wigs are always beloved by wig wearers since they are comfortable to wear and easy to achieve a natural and stunning look. If you are newcomers or regular ones looking for some cute, fashionable, and creative front wig hairstyles, let us take you to the beauty world.

We can see lots of celebrities and fashion beauties are prone to choose lace front wigs when they walk on the stage to show their confidence or participate in some events. Therefore, why lace front wig styles are so attractive to them? First, let us figure out what is a lace front wig.

What is a lace front wig?

The lace front wig is composed of half-tied lace and half machine-made wig cap, which is placed at the front of the head. The human hair is knotted into the lace hole on the lace part and sewed on the wig cap. All the wigs are made of 100% virgin human hair.

At Sunber Hair, we devote to designing and producing luxurious and premium human hair wigs at an affordable price for each customer.

Why choose a lace front wig?

If you are newcomers, you might be curious why the lace front wig is so attractive.

The Benefit Of Wearing A Lace Front Wig

Skin-Melt and Soft Lace

The lace part of a lace front wig is super soft and invisible. As a great protective style, lace fronts are breathable and allow air to flow into your scalp. Besides, they are ideal to deal with thinning edges and balding hairlines.

Therefore, if you are looking for a high-quality and comfortable wig, a lace front wig is the best choice.

Natural and Gorgeous Look

Lace front wigs can easily give you an effortlessly gorgeous look. When choosing lace front wigs, you also choose the confident wearing feeling and the understanding of fashion.

Versatile Hairstyles

For the popular lace front wigs with different textures, they might be difficult to choose. At Sunber Hair, it has 360 lace front wigs, 13x4 lace front wigs, and 13x6 lace front wigs with different colors (brown, burgundy, ginger, and blonde, etc.)

Long Lifespan

For high-quality lace front wigs, they can be dyed, straightened, and curled without hair damage. With proper hair care, lace fronts can have a long lifespan.

What are the front wig styles?

Lace front wig hairstyles are special types of hairpieces or wigs where human hair is tied by hand to a sheer lace base that goes over the scalp.

A full lace wig may have a base made entirely of lace. Moreover, a full lace wig hairstyle can be pulled into a high ponytail, braid buns, and half up and half down, etc.

Quick and Protective Front Wig Hairstyles In Trending

Half Up and Half Down

Half Up and Half Down

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This classic half-up and half-down hairstyle is a simple and common hairstyle that can hold you on any formal occasion like a wedding ceremony or a party. You'll never question an elegant look like this.

Stunning Long Braids With Highlights

Braids With Highlight

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Twist braids are the most popular protective hairstyles. They do offer you the hair volume, texture, and length, even though the braiding process is time-consuming.

Sleek High Ponytail

High Ponytail

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A high sleek ponytail will never let you down because it can give you a dynamic and powerful look and is super easy to get it down.

Cute Buns

cute buns

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Buns are super sleek and not easily tangled and dry for a whole day. If you do buns, the low bun hairstyle can hold on any occasion.

Besides, you can also add some hair accessories to add some romance.

Elegant Beach Wave

body Wave hair

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An elegant beach wave hairstyle is kind of a natural-looking hairstyle, which looks more lived-in, textured, and attractive.

Straight Blunt Bob

Blunt Bob

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This straight blunt bob style adds a cute and powerful vibe to you. In summer, the weather is so hot and this hairstyle can give you a cool wearing experience.

Cute PigTail

PigTail hairstyle

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Recently, the pigtail hairstyle is welcomed by lots of young girls. This hairstyle is easy to achieve but gives you a cute and naive look. Wanna try a fresh hairstyle? It is a bright choice you can consider.


The lace fronts give you the versatility and freedom to achieve natural and different hairstyles. After reading this blog, we hope you can pick your favorite front wig hairstyles for the next hair inspiration. Girls! It is time to rock your lace front wigs!!!

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