The Next Hair Inspiration: Cool-Toned Mushroom Blonde Hair

After salt and pepper hair color, today we find another silver luxury hair color: Mushroom Blonde. This kind of hair color is ashy and cool-toned, which fits different skin tones. In the autumn and winter, if you are tired of natural hair color, just experiment with cool-toned hair colors and add a silver highlight to get a lovely hair look in the cold season.

What Is Mushroom Hair Color?

You might believe mushroom hair color is the same as platinum hair color. But they are different. Platinum hair is a very light and highly-coveted shade of blonde that's generally one-dimensional.

However, mushroom hair color is not quite blond but a combination of light brown and dark blonde, an ash-blonde hair color that gives a fashionable and young hair look.

Mushroom Blonde Hair Color Ideas

Cool-Toned Mushroom Blonde

Mushroom Blonde

A cool-toned mushroom blonde fits a cool-toned skin color. If you want to change your blonde hair into versatile hair color. The combination of blonde and brown is a bright choice.

Mushroom Blonde lights On Dark Brown

Mushroom Blonde lights On Dark Brown

From a blonde light to a dark brown hue, the blend of the two colors is the best thing about mushroom brown hair. If you are gonna try it, remember to ask your hairstylist to use a teasy light technique to get a seamless hair look when adding blonde highlights to your hair.

Chocolate Brown With Blonde Highlight

Chocolate Brown With Blonde Highlight

The blend of warm tones and mushroom-colored tones is a stunning and versatile hair color that fits most skin tones. But it needs more maintenance to keep the hair color the best.

Low-Maintenance Mushroom Blonde

Low-Maintenance Mushroom Blonde

Natural mushroom blonde color is a perfect choice for women who like their hair color to keep on low maintenance. This hair color gives warmth and ash tones and a cute hair look.

Lovely Buttery Blonde

Lovely Buttery Blonde

This hairstyle is a natural hair color with a lovely buttery blonde. Elegant and vibrant hair color gives you a natural and gorgeous hair look.

Vibrant Ash Blonde Balayage

Ash Blonde Balayage

Hair balayage will give your highlights a seamless natural blend. This vibrant ash blonde hair is in trending now. For the coming autumn, you can try this hairstyle.

Is Mushroom Blonde Hair Color Attractive?

Yes. Even though the name of mushroom blonde may seem like an earthly color series, it is an ultra-easy and low-maintenance way to experiment with going darker. These tones evolved from the gray and silver trend to a slightly more natural look.

If you are tired of deep hair color and want something light on your hair, the mushroom hair color will help to soften up your strands.

After checking these gorgeous pictures, I can not wait to change my hair color for myself. If you have the same feeling as me, just pick up your favorite mushroom hair color above and rock it!!!

How To Get Mushroom Hair Color?

If you want to try one of the hair colors above, we suggest going to a local hair salon and asking your hairstylist if they can do it. You’d better show their photos to get the same result.

If you are wig wearers, you can also get the mushroom hair color by wearing colored human hair wigs and letting your hairstylist dye the color you want.

Come to Sunber Hair, it will help you to achieve the beautiful dreams. Trust me, it will give you a natural, fresh, exciting, and gorgeous hair look. And you will give your friends or family hair inspiration.

How Long Does Mushroom Hair Color keep?

In fact, mushroom blond is low-maintenance, but it needs to be touched up only every three to six months as it is a more grown-out hair look. It also depends on the length of your hair.


From the awesome pictures above, you can see all of the mushroom hairstyles and versatile colors can fit most skin tones and easily achieve a gorgeous hair look. From light to dark ash brown shades, the chic mushroom hair color will always give your strands amazing depth and dimension. if you have something to share, leave a comment below.

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