The Higher the Price, the Longer the Wig will Last? Everything You Need to Know is Here.


Wig as a consumable, except for the verisimilitude and comfort, its longevity is also a matter of concern. Many shops claim that their wigs will last 3-5 years, but is this the case? Not exactly so. Apart from the fact that wigs vary in quality, the materials used to make them are also various, thus the longevity of wigs can't be generalized. Today, we will discuss the factors that affect the longevity of wigs from several aspects.


Hair Quality

The manufacturing process and the choice of materials for wigs vary greatly. The hair used in cheap wigs is coarse and may even be synthetic. Not only the color is dark, but the hair also is irritable and easy to break, the bottom of the net is thick, the verisimilitude of the machine-woven wig is greatly reduced, and the quality is not guaranteed. It is not only easy to knot, out of shape, and even inferior to the quality of synthetic fiber wigs, and its longevity is very short.


High-end wigs although the price is high, it’s made of high quality human hair, hair quality is flexible and shiny, with diverse hair nets, and air permeability, the verisimilitude is high, and the most important part is artificial crochet, strong and durable. It can be combed and washed as normally as your own hair.


In addition to the texture of the hair, a wig's hairnet is also a major factor in its longevity. Hairnets for making wigs are mainly PU, lace, Mono, silk, etc., because of different air permeability and thickness, their longevity is also different, for example: a wig with a full lace hairnet can last for 2-3 months, but its durability is greatly improved by adding a thin PU of polyester around it, which can last 4-6 months and a wig with pure PU can last 4-6 months. In addition, the highly durable Mono hairnet can be used for 8-12 months. If a thin PU is added outside, the longevity will be relatively improved, and 1-2 years can also be used. As for the more durable silk hairnet, longevity can be as long as 2-3 years.


Daily Wig Care

Without good care, the longevity of wigs is nothing. For example, the designed longevity of a wig is 1-2 years, but many people are the first time to use the wig, do not know how to care, so the wig wears fast, maybe only half a year is broken. But for someone who has worn a wig for many years, they have become familiar with the care process, so they can better protect their wigs, and the longevity of the wigs will be longer. Therefore, the longevity of a wig is just a reference number for its natural aging time. Generally speaking, wigs with normal wear every day, and normal maintenance of the case, can reach the designed longevity. And the wig in the damage, as long as it is not too serious, can be repaired so that the longevity can be extended.



To sum up, the longevity of wigs mainly depends on the hair quality, hairnet, and daily maintenance, only in this way can your wig serve you longer. If you have any questions about wigs, please don't hesitate to click this link for more information.

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