Swiss Lace&HD Lace, How To Choose?

If it is your first time trying a human hair wig , you might consider the right lace for your wig, except for the various hairstyles, textures, lengths, and sizes. In the current market, there are three different laces, including Swiss lace, Transparent lace, and HD lace. No matter what are they, the key is to choose the most suitable lace for your need.

First, You should figure out the differences among the three laces before purchasing a wig. Please scroll down to check the answers.

What is Swiss lace?

Compared to the other two types of lace, Swiss lace is the most widely used lace for making wigs, as it has a reasonable price and good quality that allows the scalp to breathe freely and brings great experience for the wig lovers.

For its characteristics, based on the skin colors, it has different natural-looking colors like light brown, medium brown, and dark brown. For the texture, it is soft, thick, and undetectable.

lace colors

What is HD Lace ?

Recently, HD lace wig is the hot trend for wig lovers. Different from normal lace, HD lace is a new and high-quality lace on the market. It is extremely soft, and undetectable which can match different skin colors and the hairline look more natural and realistic.

HD Lace
HD lace

In addition, it can fully integrate into the scalp, and reduce scalp itching due to lace allergy. Therefore, if you are looking for a high-quality and comfortable lace wig, HD lace is the best choice.

HD curly hair wig
Body wavy wigs
straight hair

What is Transparent lace?

Transparent lace is one of the regular lace and is more transparent than Swiss lace. The color of transparent lace is more light than that of Swiss.

It is more suitable for light skin tones. For the darker or brown skin tone, you have to put makeup on the lace to make its color similar to your skin tone.

lace colors

Is Swiss lace better than HD lace?

As we talked about above, they have different characteristics. Both of them are beloved by wig lovers for their different demands.

HD lace is kind of a new product in the market. If you have tried Swiss lace wig, you can try the new one. Trust us, it will not let you down.

hd lace

Which one should I choose?

For beginners, before buying a wig, it is important to choose the right lace. The following three aspects can be taken into consideration.

Durability: Swiss lace is thicker than transparent and HD lace, so it has long durability. If you want your wig last for a long time, you can choose a Swiss lace wig and regularly take care of it.

HD lace is thinner, so you need to be more careful when using it.

Skin Color: there are four colors of Swiss lace you can choose: light brown, medium brown, dark brown, and transparent.

You can pick one of them to match your skin color. But HD lace can match any skin color.

Lace Quality: before purchasing a wig, choose a high-quality wig brand that sells the best human hair wigs with perfect lace, no matter Swiss or HD lace.Sunber hair provides 100% virgin human hair wigs at an affordable price for wig lovers.

After reading this blog, you must know the differences between Swiss lace, HD lace, and Transparent lace. We hope it is helpful for you to choose the right lace wig.

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