Plaits VS Braids Hair, Are They The Same?

Whether it is real hair or different styles of 100% human hair wigs, if you want to highlight your personality and achieve a quick weave hairstyle, then everyone's first choice will be braiding/plaiting. It is one of the favorite hairstyles for black women because it is convenient and highly protective. Thanks to its versatile styles and constant innovations by stylists, braiding can often create surprises, from classic to romantic soft to modern chic, and it can be easily styled for you.

And have you ever wondered about the name of braids like many people? When you first hear plaited hair do you think of flat plates or braids?

As you can imagine, there is no substantial difference between the two of them, the only difference being the origin of the two names. Plaits hair is a common term in BE and is usually used more often by people in the UK and Australia. Braiding hair is a common term in AE. For most Americans, the use frequency of braid completely covers the plaiting hair, and even some young people have never heard the word plaited at all.

What Is A Hair Plait/Braid?


A braid/plait is an intricate structure or pattern formed by the interweaving of two or more strands of flexible material such as textile yarn, wire, or hair.

Because people usually take advantage of braiding their hair to socialize, this habit starts with the elders making simple braids for younger kids, slightly older kids watch and learn, and eventually learn the traditional designs, which is also good early on cultural inheritance between two generations. Common three-strand braids, fishtail braids, box braids, cornrows, French braids, etc.

How To Plait/Braid Hair for Beginners?

The most basic three-strand braid is the best partner for beginners when it comes to making a nice braid. With only four steps, even beginners can knit well.


Step 1: Comb your hair. (You can use 1-2 hair bundles if necessary) For this step, you only need to prepare a mirror, a comb, and dry shampoo (optional). Since smooth hair is a prerequisite for good braiding, you need to use a comb to minimize and remove knots.

Step 2: Divide your hair into three equal parts. Before each braid, you need to divide your hair into equal parts according to your needs, and the three-strand braid needs to divide the hair into left, middle, and right thirds.

Step 3: Simple but most important step, the success of your braid depends entirely on this step. Remember a rule, from the beginning of the braid to the end of the braid, always keep the left and right sections of hair through the middle section and alternately downward. Be sure to pull your hair taut every time you braid to achieve a neat look.

Step 4: Fix your hair. You can prepare a small rubber band, a colored ribbon, or any hairpin you like for this step. When the braid reaches the end of the hair, secure it with the hair accessories you have prepared.

So how do Dutch plait own hair? In fact, the principle is the same, and the only difference is the number of hair parts you need to divide into, during the braiding process, the left and right strands of hair are worn from the top or the bottom, and go through the middle of the hair, or do you need to blend in a new strand of hair from the left and right sides at each braid. Find a stylist to help you with the multi-strand braid the first time you try it out, and then fumble for a tutorial on your own.

Do Plaits/Braids Damage Hair?


We usually think of African hair braiding as a good protective practice to prevent hair breakage because it strengthens the structure of the hair. But prolonged, high-frequency braiding can stress the hair follicles and lead to hair loss.

Therefore, you should try as many different hairstyles as possible on the premise of ensuring that they are suitable for you, reducing the pressure on the hair due to braiding, so as to ensure the healthy growth of the hair.

Of course, you can still create the hairstyles for braiding you like, as long as it's not too tight and provides your hair with enough time to rest and cushion.

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