Partial And Full highlights, How To Choose?

Nowadays, most consumers choose partial or full highlighting to change the look of their new hairstyle or haircut. After deciding to buy the best-selling highlight color wig, you need to understand the benefits of partial versus full highlighting.

In this blog, we'll learn the difference between partial and full highlights and share tips for women who want to try this highlighting. Here's everything you need to know about partial and full highlights, including the benefits, how to choose, and how they differ from full highlights.


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1 What is the definition of partial and full highlighting?

2 The difference between partial and full highlights

3 How do you care for your highlighted hair?

4 How to choose?

5 Summary


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1 What is the definition of partial and full highlighting?

When adds some highlights to the hair, it is often called a partial highlight.

  • The process of highlighting focuses on only certain parts of the hair.
  • Partial highlights can provide a bold and subtle look depending on the color you choose to add contrast and the part of the hair that will be highlighted.

What are full highlights?

  • Full highlights are highlights all around.
  • Full highlights are applied to the hair from the front, side, back, and even back of the neck.
  • Full highlights can dramatically change the color of your hair.

2 The difference between partial and full highlights

Now, we will explain the difference between full and partial highlights.

The meaning

When you choose a full highlight, highlights are added to the entire hair strand. When you choose partial highlights, highlights are only added to certain parts of the hair.


Full highlights require more maintenance than partial highlights. Full highlights should be touched up regularly so that the difference is not as noticeable.


Partial highlights have a less noticeable effect on the hair than full highlights. The effect of partial pick coloring is more subtle, and you can notice a lot of the hair's base color.

The Process

The process of applying partial and full highlighting is the same. Although the process is the same, partial highlighting can generally be done for less than full highlighting.


If you don't have a good budget, then opting for partial highlighting would be the ideal decision. Full highlighting is usually expensive because it requires more work and materials to get a perfect result.

Partial highlighting

  • Advantages
There is less potential damage because it bleaches less hair. They are more affordable than completing all the highlights.
  • Disadvantages
You can't see most of the color when you put your hair up. Can't become fully blonde or significantly change the color with only partial highlights because at least half of the hair always has a natural color.

Full highlighting

  • Advantages
You can go from dark to light without having to bleach all of your hair. Depending on your requirements, it can look as natural or dramatic as you like.
  • Disadvantages
It is more expensive than partial highlighting.

3 How do you care for your highlighted hair?

There are some important things to remember to care for, highlighting hair. Avoid hair color contamination.

  • Most people find that highlighting hair can become a brassy color problem over time. If you use a dark base color for your highlights, the chances of brassiness are even greater. Using a purple shampoo and conditioner would be best to eliminate unwanted orange or yellow tones in highlighted hair.

Keep it smooth and shiny

  • If your hair is dull and frizzy, then highlighting and coloring will not have the desired effect. Keep your hair smooth and shiny by applying weekly oils and a good conditioner.

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    4 How to choose?

    Here's what you need to consider before deciding which one is the ideal choice Natural Size

    • Some women prefer a natural size. They should choose a part highlighting one to two shades lighter than their natural hair color. Tell your hair colorist that you want a subtle and natural look.

    Standout Sizes

    • Women who want a standout size should consider choosing a partial highlighting between these options. Your hair colorist can choose a lighter shade to provide a high contrast and dimensional look.

    All-around change

    • Those who want to add highlights throughout their hair and get a great change should opt for all-over highlights. If someone wants to get an all-over brightened look without using bleaching techniques, then full highlights can help them get the desired results.

    5 Summary

    After reading this blog, we hope you now understand the difference between partial and full highlights and know everything about partial highlights, including the pros and cons, how to choose them, and how they differ from full highlights.

    Okay, so do you prefer partial or full highlighting? Please leave your comments below, and thank you for your cooperation.

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