Middle Part VS Bottleneck Bangs on A U Part Wig

Are you ready for welcoming the New Year? Do you have a dollop of inspiration for your next hairstyle? Here, we will show you the fresh and graceful hairstyle 2023.

What is a middle part on your wig?

As we all know, there is a u-shape part on the top of the u part wig, so this allows you to wear your real natural hair through the opening. Both a middle part and a side part are great choices.

middle part on U Part Human Hair Wigs Silky Straight Glueless Middle Part Wig Pre Plucked

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side part on U Part Wigs Mix Brown Highlight Colored Body Wave Human Hair Wigs

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What are bottleneck bangs?

As the name suggests, bottleneck bangs take inspiration from the neck of a bottle. Starting slim and short in the middle, curving longer around your eyes, then longest following the line of your cheekbone.

Why choose bottleneck bangs on your wig?

You can adjust the length and angle of your bangs according to the shape of your face. And it can soften your face whether you have a ponytail, short bob hair wig, a bun, or other long curly wigs.

How to wear your u part wig quickly and which one style should choose?

You will see there is a nice breathable cap, lace, and a comb in the back of the cap, the adjustable straps, very comfortable side tabs on the wig, one comb on each side, and 3 combs on top.

u part wig details

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☆ Start with a blank slate, then use the Brazilian joa or other shampoos you like to wash your wig firstly.

☆ Allowed your wig air dry after washing.

☆ Cutting the stabilizers off and opening up the part.

☆ Putting up your u part wig and getting your leave out done.

☆ Parting a straight line on your natural hair or making bottleneck bangs on your hair, it’s all up to you.

☆ The invisible crochet part is done now. Or you can restyle your wig according to your preference with curly iron, or braiding it.

☆ Try faux bangs on your wig, you will find yourself super cute!

Pure Estrogen will show you the different effects of the two hairstyles in this video, try anyone bravely, girls!

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