How To Wash A Human Hair Wig Without Shampoo?

In modern society, a real human hair wig is a must-have to boost confidence and achieve a gorgeous look quickly and effortlessly. However, good maintenance is necessary to extend the lifespan of a human hair wig and keep its luster and texture of it the same as a new one. Traditionally, people often use shampoo and conditioner to clean their wigs. Today we are here to tell you a new and healthy method to wash your wig without shampoo.

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1. Why go shampoo-free way for wig wash?

1. Shampoo contains lots of chemicals like sulfates and silicones that make your hair dry and frizzy hair worse.

2. Shampoo is a harsh detergent that causes an itchy and unhealthy scalp. We may use the same type of stuff to wash our bodies as we would our dishes, but that’s essentially what we’re doing with shampoo

3. Shampoos contain mineral oil, which is a byproduct when gasoline is distilled from crude oil. It’s added to shampoo to thickly coat the strands, giving hair an artificial shine.

2. How to wash your hair without shampoo?

Even though regular shampoo can not exert hair damage on a real human hair wig, great maintenance can extend its lifespan and its texture of it. Today we are about to tell you an alternative to cleaning your wig.

Household Hair Wash Recipe:

Hair Wash Recipe

1. Baking soda, apple cider vinegar.

Hair Wash Recipe

2. Avocado, coconut oil, and honey.

The two healthy home hair-wash recipes are essential to keep your hair clean and moisturized for the long term. The standard amount of wig wash is one tablespoon of baking soda to one cup of water. A curly wig or straight hair with thick density needs a bit more baking soda.

Apple cider vinegar works well to counteract the baking soda, and thus acts as a great replacement for conditioner. It detangles the hair follicles, seals the cuticle, and balances the hair’s pH balance. You need to blend them and then get your chemical-free hair wash recipe.

In short, if the ingredients are safe and clean, then they can be used to replace the wig shampoo in washing wigs to keep them in a healthy and long-lasting condition.

3. FAQ About Human Hair Wig Maintenance

1. Should I wash my wig before wearing it?

It depends on your personal choice. If you get a new premium human hair wig at a wig store, you do not have to wash it when wearing it since the wig has already been cleaned. But you like it to be your wearing style, a quick rinse is a good way to keep your wig clean and intact.

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2. Can you wash your hair with regular shampoo?

washing a wig

The answer is Yes. We all know that the main function of shampoo in washing a wig is to clean the dirt or oils getting into it. You can use regular shampoo to wash a human hair wig but not a synthetic wig, as most shampoos contain some chemical materials that cause damage to the fiber of a synthetic wig.

But for high-quality human hair, can be dyed, straightened, and curled without damage, let alone hair wash with hair shampoo.

3. How to maintain a human hair wig properly?

1. Regular hair wash with chemical-free hair recipe: twice or three times one week

2. Put your wig on a mannequin after taking it off each time

3. Do not sleep with your wig at the night

4. Try to avoid heat styling tools or use a heat protectant before styling it

5. Your precious human hair wig needs a hair to treat: hair oil and mask each week


We usually wear a premium human hair wig to boost our confidence, get a chic and gorgeous hair look and show our personalities. Good maintenance of a human hair wig is essential to keep its luster and texture for the long term. After reading this blog, we hope it can help you know well how to wash your stunning wig without shampoo properly. If you have something to share, leave a comment below.

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