How to take care of your curly hair wig?

Do you know how to make your curly hair wig look more natural always? As we all know, there are more people choose curly hair instead of straight hair wigs to enrich their daily life. But you may be always troubled by how to take care of curly hair. Now, come and share these simple and practical tutorials with me!

1. How to make your curly hair natural every day?

Saturating the hair with the water first and you can just spray it from the root to the ends.

Then smoothing that throughout the hair and you should go in with the leave-in conditioner from Shea Moisture and spray that all over the section. And you want to really make sure that you penetrate a lot of the product on the ends. The ends are important because that they tend to get drier quicker, so be mindful when you are doing that.

The last product you are going to apply is the mousse and this is kind of like a sealer, it just ensures that all the moisture you previously added is sealed in. This can maintain a curly look.

This is what keeps your wig popping, you see how everything looks brand-new the wig is, it’s just looking beautiful, shiny, and the curls are very defined.

2.How to wash your curly hair wig?

Sometimes, you can choose to use a bucket when you wash your wigs and stuff. Because it makes it so much easier and you waste fewer products on putting the shampoo directly in the bucket.

Then you can fill it up with warm water and just get it all soapy and stuff. Putting your wig right in there and going in with the toothbrush to like clean your lease to get all of that like dirt and gel and gunk off of it. Please don’t scrub it too hard because you don’t want to rip it.

Thirdly, you need to do it the same way you did it with the shampoo, but this time you should use cool water because it’s better to like condition your hair, and cool water locks in the moisture better. This time you can let your wig sit for about five minutes kind of like deep conditioning for your week.

Next, you should go in with some leave-in conditioner to detangle the hair and it’s just gonna make the curls a lot softer and manageable. Then using a paddle brush or a wide-tooth comb just to detangle all the curls in and get it nice and smooth.

Finally, you can go in with silk stuff and use a diamond brush to bring the girl curly hair. And let your hair air dry so the next day the curls will be fully dried.

curly hair wig

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