How To Style A Princess Peach Wig?

If you are still worried about party hairstyles and cosplay outfits, this article will definitely bring you inspiration, because long blonde hairstyles will never go out of style, and the Princess Peach wig will never make you tired of it!

What’s A Princess Peach Wig?

peach princess wig

If you are a video game lover, then Princess Peach will be familiar to you. She is a recurring fictional character in the Mario series, serving as the ruling princess and head of state of the Mushroom Kingdom. She usually appears in the games as a damsel in distress or a benefactor who can help Mario.

Princess Peach's long, thick hair is eye-catching, and her wavy blonde hair is often imitated by women. She has a heart-shaped fringe in the middle of her bangs and two flipped pieces on each side.

What Color Is Princess Peach’s Hair?

In our understanding, Princess Peach's hair has been blonde since the Japanese version of "Super Mario Bros. 2", but in the early "Super Mario Bros." games, some users also saw Peach with brown or red hair.

Do You Know More about Princess Peach Wig?

The main features of Princess Peach's wig are heart-shaped bangs and layered golden waves. When trying this hairstyle, we can also try different shapes or change the color based on this style.

If you find it inconvenient to have loose hair, then the Princess Peach ponytail wig must be your first choice. The ponytail style can not only show off your exquisite facial features but also show off your competence and temperament.

princess peach ponytail wig

How To Style A Princess Peach Wig?

It doesn’t matter if you can’t buy a finished Princess Peach wig. You only need a wig with bangs or an ordinary wig to DIY a Princess Peach wig at home. Before everything starts, you need to prepare a pair of scissors, a flat iron, hairspray, clips, and a rat tail comb in advance.

1. First, you need to comb and trim your pre-prepared wig to avoid frizz and tangles, etc., to make it more convenient to operate.

2. Divide your bangs into three parts: left, middle, and right, and use clips to fix the bangs on both sides, because we are going to style the middle part of the bangs next.

3. Trim the middle bangs into the same heart shape as Princess Peach's hair and use hairspray to help style it.

4. Style the bangs on the left according to Princess Peach's hairstyle, and use a heat styling tool to curl the ends. Repeat the operation for the bangs on the right.

5. Finally, use hairspray to set the entire look and it’s done.


We can not only design peach wigs but also try red or ginger-layered peach wigs. It is also crucial to create a wig that suits you. Here are different long wig recommendations, based on which you will not be disappointed when designing your Princess Peach wig.

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