How To Remove A Lace Front Wig Fast And Properly?

As the weather is getting hot in the summer, wearing a lace front wig even becomes a hard choice for wig lovers because it is so easy to get sweating in the hot air. After a day passed, it takes much time to remove a lace wig and do the regular maintenance.

So how to take off a lace frontal wig fast? Is there any cool and glueless wig for summer in the market? If you have the same questions, scroll down to know more.

take off a lace wig

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1. How to remove a lace frontal wig fast?

Prepare All The Stuff

Glue remover, Toothbrush, Shampoo and Conditioner, Cotton ball and Wet washcloth.

For the glue remover, you can choose the rubbing alcohol, glue removal solution, the mix of water, conditioner and alcohol or the mix of salt, baking soda and water, if you do not like to use alcohol.

Most people would think that rubbing alcohol can cause scalp and hairline damage. It depends on the frequency that you use it on your skin. However, according to an expert, you can buy rubbing alcohol with a concentration of 70% isopropyl alcohol.

It has more water, which helps it to dissolve more slowly and decrease the damage. We suggest you can change the alcohol to the alternatives above to remove the glue.

Time To Remove The Glue

remove the glue

First, pull your hair backward to reveal the lace around your hairline. Then transfer the rubbing alcohol to the spray bottle and spray it all over the front lace. Here, If you secured your wig with got2b Glued Spray or gel, alcohol can break it down easily.

But you can also use the mixture of water, conditioner, and alcohol or another mixture of salt, baking soda, and water instead.

Now it is time to wait for 5 minutes and carefully remove the lace part of the wig when the time is up.

Peel The Lace Off

remove the lace

Make sure the glue has been loosened and put your comb under the lace where it has started to lift. Then slowly slide the comb back and forth to peel the lace away from your skin.

During the process, you should be patient to take it off carefully in case the lace is broken. It only needs less than 5 minutes. Super easy and fast!

Take Off The Wig And Cap

take off the wig

After 10 minutes past, you can finally take off your lace wig and cap. If you secure the wig cap with glue, spray the mixture of water and conditioner and wait for 5 minutes. Then use your comb to easily take it off.

Clean the Residue On Your Skin and Lace

clean the glue on the skin

Last but not least. This final step is super important to be finished. If you are used to wearing a lace front wig for a long time, you should do all the clean things to protect your scalp and edge.

For the glue residue on your skin, you can use soap and water to loosen it up. Then use the wet cloth to wipe away the residue. If you want to be faster, spray the alcohol on the cotton ball and rub the residue away.

It is quite necessary to clean the glue on the lace wig if you want to reuse your precious human hair wig. Only spray the alcohol on the lace and keep it damp and loosen, then use a toothbrush to brush the residue away.

If it is hard to clean it up with alcohol, then choose the glue removal solution instead, quick and effective. But make sure to brush it gently and slowly.

2. What are the pros of the glueless wig?

If you are tired of lace front wigs, you can try the new product: v part human hair wigs that are glueless, easy install and remove. They are designed for wig lovers who do not like using glue and want to protect their hairline, edges, and scalps.

V part wigs can be easily secured with inside clips and really give you a natural look. Give it try and you will be surprised!

3. Where can I get the suitable glueless wig?

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