How To Measure Your Hair Length?

There are many hair types and length for your choice. We always refer to the hair length in some general terms like short, medium-long, shoulder-long or long. Different hair length can achieve you different look.

When you were a small girl, you dreamed about a long and princess locks. But when you grow up, you want to cut your long hair to get trending hairstyles. So do you know that your hair types also play an important role in the hair length? You can choose the right length to adjust your hair type.

Sunber hair are all 100% virgin human hair, such as hair weaves, closures, wigs and so on in any style and color. You can choose the suitable hairstyle for your beautiful look. But do you know how to measure your hair length when you buy the human hair products? Don’t worry, we will share with you the method to measure your hair length.

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Categories of Hair Length

According to hair stylists, there are four categories of hair length.

  • Short: The hair length stays between 10 cm and 20 cm
  • Long: The hair length shows from 20 cm to 40 cm hair length.
  • Extra-long: The hair length shows from 40cm to 55 cm.
  • Super long: The hair length shows from 55cm to 75cm.

How To Measure Your Hair Length?

Step 1:

  • You will measure a couple of middle layers. You should sectionalize your weave hair by creating a section beginning at ear level. That should be about 0.5 inches below the tip of the ear.
  • And secure the top component hair section with a clip on top of your head.
  • Take a clothing measuring tape and measure the nape section of the head. That would probably be from the back of one ear to the rear of the other ear. This measurement should 5 – 7 inches all over.
  • Get two hair pieces that measure 5 inches or 7 inches in width, meaning the track part that is clipping onto your real hair and not the natural hair strand length.

Step 2:

  • Besides, you will measure the top layer as well.
  • Let your hair remain sectioned, and then you can slide the measuring tape to be about 1 inch beyond the highest point of the ear. Ensure that you measure this area so that the measuring tape is stay raised 1 inch beyond the tip of the ear.
  • But that you desire the measurements to be extending past the ear as if it was bundling towards the point of where your face and hairline meet. This measurement must be between 8 inches and 11 inches.

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Step 3:

  • Moreover, measure the bottom later by taking the measuring tape and position it approximately 1.5 inches from the base of your hairline on the rear of your neck.
  • Your tape should begin around 1 inch behind the back of one ear to the other. This measurement should be something between 3 inches and 5 inches wide.

Step 4:

  • Finally, you can now measure the side slighter pieces. Sectionalize your hair bundles so that you have piled up the first component of your hair.
  • That would be a small portion and the bangs of your hair that is on the crown of the head.
  • Now you will need to measure the width straight all over where your hairline meets your temple, and it ends at the starting of your ear area. That is typically a measurement between 0.5 inches to 1.5 inches.

How to Choose The Most Suitable Hair Length?

Before cutting your natural hair or buying a hairpiece, you should consider your hair texture and face shape first.

Hair Textures

hair textures

By now, you know the importance of hair texture on how long the natural hair appears. Bear in mind that not all hairdos suit every hair texture. All hair types we offer are available in straight, wavy, or curly textures and it comes in different lengths, varying from 8" to 30", different hairstyles for your choice.

If you want to change your hairstyle and you are not sure, visit a hair salon and the professional will give you a piece of advice. Or consider trying a hair wig or human hair bundles is a good method.

Facial Shapes

facial shapes

Not only hair textures, but your face shape also plays an important role. Some certain haircuts and lengths are more flattering on square faces but they don’t work on round faces, etc.

For example, you were born with an oval face shape, it is your lucky. This facial shape suits most of the hair lengths.

Follow the hair length chart inches, you can leave your long hair or have a short cut.

If ladies like short hair, opt for a bob wig.

If you love long hair, select style your hair with minimal layers, create waves or curls so that it makes you look gorgeous.

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In general, straight hair is longer than curly hair, because it lies completely flat when we measured.

If you choose curly hair weave, it is ideal to choose one size longer than you would. Also, curly virgin hair tends to look heavier than straight hair when you wear them.

Straight virgin hair, true to its length, so buy the size as you wanted.

Wavy hair is usually 1.5" shorter, Curly hair is usually 3.0" shorter than straight hair. We often suggest customers purchase hair 2" longer if they desire a curly hair look.

If your natural hair is very short, you'd better choose a length under 18 inches, or you would feel uncomfortable.

If you have medium to long hair, it is ideal to wear long hair weaves.

Sunber Hair Different Hair Length For You

Short Human Hair Wigs

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Medium length Human Hair Wigs

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Long Human Hair Wigs

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