How To Get Rid Of Flyaways On A Wig?

For wig wearers, no matter synthetic wigs or human hair wigs, you must have experienced the situation that there are little or many flyaways on your wig when going outside for a while and you become annoying and asks why my wig has flyaways and what should I do to get rid of them?

Before having an idea of removing flyaways on a wig, you need to know what the flyaways truly are and why they stay on your wig.

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What are the flyaways?

flyaways hair

Flyaways are the result of damaged, broken hair or new baby hairs growing in. Flyaway hairs are somewhat resistant to heat tools and since they're shorter and finer, they also have less weight than the rest of your hair.

This can make the little rogue hairs hard to disguise or coax into a hairstyle, creating frizz.

Why does my wig have flyaways?

A human hair wig remains has flyaways caused by frizzy, dry hair and chemical damage. Just like your natural hair, it is common that your wig becomes dry and tangled after wearing it for a couple of days without clean and proper hair care.

Let alone the synthetic hair that is afraid of the heating process and easily gets drier.When your wig gets drier, it produces more friction and static electricity. Here comes the flyaways. That is why your wig has flyaways.

How to get rid of flyaways on a wig?

1. Regular cleaning

wash wigs

Most flyaway situations are caused by dry and frizzy hair. So washing your hair is essential to keep your hair clean and smooth. Remember to clean your wig with specific shampoo and conditioner at least twice a week.

After that, let it air dry or blow dry by your hairdryer. Put it on a mannequin or in a silk bag for next use.

2. Proper hair care

Proper hair care

If you often go to hair salons or read blogs to take care of your hair, you must know the importance of proper hair care. Like your natural hair, your wig needs a treat as well to keep moisturized and sleek.

Except for regular washing, put on leave-in conditioner and hair oil for daily moisture when you go outside.

If you want your precious wig has a long lifespan, you’d better do hair masks for it once a week for a natural and stunning look. In this way, your wig will not have any flyaways.

3. Wax stick and hair spray

Wax stick

For a quick method to get rid of flyaways, take out your wax stick and apply it to the flyaways directly. Then comb your hair with a hot comb. After five minutes, flyaways will be down and become sleek.

This method is a quick remedy for taming frizzy and short hair. If your lace front wig is exposed to the sun, put some hairspray to keep it damp and intact. But for a long-term good result, just do the proper hair care.

4. Use a straightener

hair straightener

If your wig has been used for a long time like one year, it becomes a little hard to keep it natural and sleek even though it is made of 100% virgin human hair since everything has its lifespan.

In this case, you can use a hair straightener to smooth it down after daily hair care.

Tips: we do not recommend using hot tools frequently to style your wig without proper hair care. Otherwise, it will be ruined within half a year.

For synthetic hair, we recommend using hair spray instead of a straightener. Hair spray is useful to add texture to a synthetic wig and slick down those flyaways.

It can be applied to dry or damp wigs. This protective serum will control flyaway hairs while protecting your wig from heat.

5. Clear mascara

If you need something to tame flyaway wig hair on the go, clear mascara is another bright choice. It is a portable, affordable and effective way to keep those flyaways flat.

Besides, it also works for taming baby hairs. The mascara wand is perfect for catching every stray hair. When you are down, leave it to dry for a minute and you’re ready to go!

Tips: it is hard to remove the mascara residue after application. During the process, your hair will not be soft with the mascara covered.

6. How do I keep my wig off flyaways?

1. Change a synthetic wig into a human hair wig.

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2. Reduce using heat tools such as a straightener and curling iron

3. Use high-quality smooth hair products instead of chemical products

4. Do not sleep with a wig and put it on a mannequin after usage


If you are annoyed by the flyaways issue, we hope this blog can help you solve the problem. By the way, do you have any ideas for taming flyaways? Please share us with a comment below.

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