How Long Does A Wig Last?

A common concern for wig wearers, especially for beginners, is how long does a wig last? Like any product, wigs have a lifespan. You want your new wig last as long as possible or look as gorgeous as when you first bought it, but this can be a tricky issue.

Eventually, all wigs will need to be replaced, especially if they are worn daily or not properly cared for. Follow our article to learn about wigs' lifespan and how to extend their use.


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1 How long does a wig last ?

2 Advantages of human hair wigs vs synthetic wigs

3 How to make a wig last longer ?

4 Summary

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1 How long does a wig last ?

There is no fixed answer about the lifespan of a wig, as it depends entirely on two factors. First, how you treat it, and second when you replace it.

Generally, wigs are made from human hair or synthetic hair. Human hair wigs are more expensive than synthetic hair wig. This is because human hair wigs last longer than synthetic wigs.

A human hair wig can last more than a year with proper care. Synthetic wigs can last up to 6 months. If the synthetic wig is heat resistant, its lifespan may be even shorter. Whichever you choose, the less you wear it, the longer it will last. Fortunately, with proper care, human hair wigs tend to last more than a year when worn daily and up to three years occasionally.

2 Advantages of human hair wigs vs synthetic wigs

Generally speaking, human hair wigs are more expensive than synthetic alternatives. In addition to having a longer life span, here are some other advantages of human hair wigs.

  •  A more natural look  Human hair wigs are just that, human hair. Therefore, they look and feel great.
  • Richer texture  With a human hair wig, you have the freedom to choose any texture you want.
  • Freedom of styling  One of the best things about human hair is that you can style it in various ways. You can dye, curl, straighten and perm your hair.

And for some people, synthetic wigs are a friendly alternative to human hair wigs. Although they only last four to six months, they do have some advantages. 

  • Long-lasting style  One of the great advantages of synthetic wigs is that they maintain their style. Even if you wash it, the style is still there.
  • Color Variety  Any color you want, synthetic hair gives you complete color freedom.
  • Price friendly Synthetic hair is much cheaper than a human hair. Even if it doesn't last long, you can buy more than one to rotate through.

Ultimately, the lifespan of a human hair wig depends on how often you wear it. The less often you wear a wig, the longer it will last. It may help buy 2 or 3 wigs so they always look their best.

3 How to make a wig last  longer ?

Because wigs do not get the oils and vitamins from your scalp that your natural hair does, it is vital to invest time and effort in your wig care routine that can keep your human hair wig looking its best. So, here are some tips and tricks to keep your human hair wig in top condition. Of course. The care of a human hair wig is different from a synthetic wig.

  1. Careful Cleaning  Wash your human hair wig carefully, taking extra care and always following the manufacturer's instructions.
  2. Use at low temperatures  When using wig-styling products, such as straighteners and curlers, be sure to use them at low temperatures. And avoid using styling products near the roots of human hair wigs.
  3. Use hair dryers sparingly  The individual strands of a human hair wig are often attached to the cap using a knotting technique. If you overuse a hair dryer, this can cause the knots to become loose and cause the human hair to fall out.

Fortunately, synthetic wigs are easy to care for.

  1. Wear with care Just as you need to wash your wig gently, you must also wear it carefully. Be extra careful when putting on your wig, especially a lace-trimmed wig, because you don't want to damage the delicate layers of the wig. Try not to pull on the wig too hard, as it is hard to feel exactly how much pressure you are using.
  2. Keep it clean  It is normal for synthetic wigs to get dirty from daily wear. Therefore, it is best to take the time to properly clean your fiber wig and make sure you do not apply too much force to the fragile fibers.
  3. Wig rotation  One of the most important tips is to rotate multiple wigs. Not only will this help extend the life of your wig, but it will also reduce the number of times you have to wash it and allow you to try new wig styles.
  4. Proper storage  To keep your synthetic or human hair wig in the best condition possible, we recommend storing your wig on a wig stand away from excessive heat and direct sunlight.

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4 Summary

To extend the life of your wig, it is important to know how to care for your wig. Determining the life of your wig depends on how you wash, dry, and store your wig. No matter what type of wig you purchase, remember that the more you wash it, the shorter the life of the wig.

It is recommended that you wash your wig every 6 to 8 weeks. With this in mind, it is up to you to decide if you want to wash it before you wear it for the first time. When storing it properly, you need to make sure that you keep the wig out of direct sunlight on a mannequin or wig head to keep its shape. Store it in a cool or dry space to ensure the hair fibers do not break down.

5 Feedback

Above is how to extend the life of your wig, I hope it can help you, don't forget to comment below. Thanks a million times.

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