Hair Color 99J VS 530 VS 1B 530, How To Distinguish Them?

When you want to buy a colored wig or dye your hair, knowing the difference between several similar colors can help you take the next step. Today we will discuss these hair colors: 99J, 530, and 1B530 to help you know how to distinguish them and better choose a suitable red-tone wig.

What Color Is 99J Hair?

99J Hair

99J hair color is a name of dark auburn burgundy, which subtly blends red and purple to form a new and charming color. Because it is closer to the tone of red wine, it is also often called burgundy.

What Hair Color Is 530?

Hair Color 530

You can find many topics about #color530 on TIKTOK. The girls in the videos all have smooth and beautiful 530-color hair. Liznjuela once replied to her fans that she dyed her hair like that with burgundy hair dye. However, the ratio of red and purple in 530 hair color is different from 99J hair color, 530 hair weave presents a brighter red-purple color.

What’s the 1B 530 Hair Color?

1B 530 Hair Color

1B is the second darkest color in the hair color chart, second only to color 1. It is not jet black, but closer to natural hair color, softer and more realistic. 1B 530 hair color is a fusion of 1B and 530, you can achieve this color hairstyle by doing highlights, face-framing, and ombre.

Hair Color 99J VS 530 VS 1B 530, Are They The Same?

color 99j braiding hair

From the above introduction of these three colors, there is not much difference between 99J and 530 hair colors, and sometimes they can even be called the same hair color.

99J curly wig

In fact, 530 hair color is brighter and more vivid than 99J, with less purple in the hair color ratio, and it will not appear dark purple, but a brighter reddish purple tone.

1B530 color wig

The main difference between 1B 530 and the other two hair colors is that it is made up of two colors. During the production process, highlights and other techniques will be used to perfectly blend the two colors to present complementary hair colors.

Where To Buy A Gorgeous 99J or 530 Corlor Hair Wig?

The current wig technology is mature enough, and wig manufacturers have a relatively accurate understanding of colors. Whether it is red or burgundy wigs, they can be easily found.

Sunber Hair provides a variety of 99J color wigs, and there are also wig influencers who are happy to share our wigs with everyone after wearing them. No-smell, no-knots, and pre-styled are the characteristics of the wigs we sell. In addition to the 99J color wigs, we also provide similar red, 33B reddish brown, 88J orange, and other colors of wigs.

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