Glueless Wigs and HD Lace Wigs For Beginners

Recently, Glueless wigs and HD lace wigs are the hot trends for wig lovers. Why they are so popular among them? For beginners, how to choose a suitable wig? If you are a wig lover or beginner, check it below to know the answers.

First, let us figure out: What is the Glueless Wig and HD Lace Wig?

Glueless wig is exactly what it sounds like: installing a lace wig without adhesive glue. There are two types of glueless wigs in the market: v part wigsand u part wigs, easy to install without glue. If you are struggling with the wig install problems, the glueless lace wig can be a delightful option to strengthen your confidence without scalp damage.

HD lace wig( high definition lace wig) is a kind of beginner-friendly wig that has invisible lace and looks very natural when exposing the hairline.

The HD lace is extremely soft and undetectable which can match different skin colors, fully integrate into the scalp, and reduce scalp itching due to lace allergy. If it is your first time to try a wig, we highly recommend a high-quality HD lace wig.

hd lace wigs
hd lace wigs

What is the difference between an HD lace wig and a regular lace wig?

As we talked about above, different from normal lace, HD lace is a new and high-quality lace on the market. It is more soft, invisible, and thinner than normal lace, which can perfectly match different skin colors and make the hairline look more natural and realistic. Let us have a quick look through the pictures.

hd lace

Why glueless wigs are so popular?

Basically, most of the wigs in the market should be secured with glue or type. However, the use of strong adhesive glue for a long time might damage the skin and prevent hair growth since it blocks the pores in the scalp and leads to hair follicle damage.

Different from the other wigs, the glueless wigs are easy to install without glue and skills, especially for beginners. Therefore, there is no doubt why they can gain tremendous popularity when showing up in the market.

By the way, If you ask where to choose the best glueless wigs, Sunber hair provides high-quality and affordable glueless wigs for wig lovers. Check the pictures below.

v part wigs
v part wigs
v part wigs

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How to install glueless wigs?

If you are a beginner and it is your first time installing a glueless wig, you are so lucky to avoid the complex install process and any skin and hair damage.

First, braid all your hair to the back and make sure all your hair is flat and tucked in. Then put on your wig and adjust the back straps based on your head size. Then secure the wig with included combs of different sides. Finally, use hair spray or oil to keep the hair moisturized and sleek. That is all for the glueless wig install, easy, quick, and natural.

Do glueless wigs fall off?

Some of you might be wondering if glueless wigs would fall off. The answer is no. Actually, most glueless wigs are designed with adjustable straps and three combs of different sides which can be suitable for your head and prevent the wig from sliding off. Super convenient, right?

How to secure a glueless wig?

Here, someone may doubt what if I meet the strong wind or kind of situation, for the security, how can I attach a glueless wig on? There are some suggestions:

1. wig grips. They can be worn under a wig and hat to completely guarantee a wig stays on the head. 2. Wig caps. They sit on top of the head, underneath wigs to grip the skin on the inside layer. 3. Bobby pins. they can be other great choices for convenience.

How long does a glueless wig last?

It usually can stay at least a week but remember to take care of your wig after taking it off. The hair spray or oil should be used to keep it moisturized and sleek. For the washing days, it should be cleaned twice one week with shampoo and conditioner. Then put it on the manikin or in the silk bag for good condition.

Today we talk something about the most popular two types of wigs: Glueless wig and HD lace wig. We hope the answers can be helpful for you. If you are a wig beginner, try the first wig at Sunber hair that will never let you down.


I didn’t want to use that glue because I value my edges. The lady in the store said not only do I not need it because it can ruin my edges but she said it also ruins the wig. This BLOG is beyond helpful. Thank you.

Tierra Carpenter July 01, 2022

I definitely need glueless wig in summer. It is fast to remove.

Lexus Adams July 01, 2022

HD lace looks good, but question here do I need to put on foundation on the hd lace?

Ashley Moore June 21, 2022

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