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You may have heard or seen that we are offer the ability to Buy Now & Pay later. Your order ships the same day you place your order and your first payment isn't due until 30 days later. The monthly payment amounts depend on what you order but they are interest free. Follow, we will share with you the steps to use the quadpay and some other Faqs about quadpay on Sunber Hair.

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Q: How to Sign Up For Quadpay?

To sign up, all you have to do is select the Quadpay option at checkout or create an account on its website or mobile app. You'll just need to provide your date of birth, a mobile number and a debit or credit card.

You'll also have to meet these basic requirements:

  • Live in the US
  • Be at least 18 years old and capable of entering into a legally binding contract (19 in the state of Alabama)
  • Have a valid and verifiable mobile phone number
  • Have a US credit or debit card
  • Use the live chat contact option on Quadpay's website if you have any problems signing up or using the service. 

Q: How To Use Quadpay At Sunber?

Step 1: Select the items you would like to order, add those items to your cart.

Step 1

Step 2: Click Place Order and proceed to checkout.

Step 2

Step 3: Enter the contact information and shipping address, select your delivery time and continue to shipping.

Step 3

Step 4: The next screen is your shipping method select your desired method, 3-10 days free shipping or 1-3 days fast shipping(need $20). Enter the continue to payment.

Step 4

Step 5: Select The Quadpay Payment to complete the order.

Step 5

    Q: How Much Does Quadpay Cost?

    Quadpay is a free service that never charges any hidden fees or interest. The only time you'll pay a fee is if you miss a payment. You'll be charged $7 for the first day a payment goes unpaid and an additional $7 if your payment is a full seven days late.

    If you think you can't make a payment by its due date, contact Quadpay ahead of time and explain the situation. In some cases, customer service may be able to move your payment date. But there's no guarantee.

    Q: Features of shopping with Quadpay

    • No extra costs. Quadpay costs nothing to use, and you'll have no interest charges as long as you pay on time.
    • Automatic deductions. Each payment is automatically deducted from your chosen card, so you can be worry-free about manually paying.
    • Get instant approval. It'll only take a few moments to enter your information and receive an approval decision. Do this right at checkout or ahead of time on Quadpay's website.
    • No hard credit checks. Quadpay only requires your mobile phone number, date of birth and credit or debit card number. It never pulls a hard credit check, so your credit score won't be affected as long as you make your payments on time.
    • Shop anywhere on-the-go. Use the Quadpay mobile app to quickly and easily shop at any online shop that accepts Visa – even if it's not a direct Quadpay partner. You can also shop in-store with the Quadpay virtual Visa credit card.
    • Reminders. You'll receive text and email notifications before a payment is about to process.
    • Easily manage your account. Sign in to see upcoming payments, orders and account information all in one place.
    • Earn credit card points and rewards. You'll still earn points and rewards when you link your credit card with your Quadpay account.
    • Pay early. You can pay installments ahead of time or pay multiple installments at once, at no extra cost.
    • Returns and refunds. Still make returns like you normally would and get refunded for what you've already paid.

    quadpay payment

    Q: Why Quadpay Might Decline Your Transaction?

    1. You are required to make a purchase request before you can transact. 
    2. You will need to be current on all installments in order to transact with Quadpay. Pay off any unpaid installments then try and order again.
    3. The amount of your purchase request may be less than the amount of your actual order. Your purchase request must be at least equal to your total order amount including shipping and any taxes. Try making another purchase request for a higher amount.
    4. Not having enough funds available to make the first installment at the time of purchase. We charge 25% of your order upfront so make sure you have at least this amount available when you make your purchase request.
    5. Quadpay blocks specific categories of merchant type and some individual merchants
    6. You may have outstanding late installments due. You will need to be in good standing across all your orders to make multiple purchases at the same time.
    7. You may be declined due to automated fraud and security screening by the Quadpay platform.

    Q: Why would I use QuadPay?

    By using QuadPay you have the opportunity to split your Sunber Hair purchase into 4 easy installments and pay for your order over time, instead of all-at-once.

    Q: What Information does QuadPay Need?

    To sign up, all QuadPay needs to know is your name, address, date of birth, US mobile number and a US debit or credit card.

    Q: Is There a Limit To How Much I can Spend With QuadPay?

    QuadPay uses an automated system that analyzes various factors to determine approval and spend limits. *Not every order is approved for QuadPay. QuadPay will charge 25% of the purchase amount at the time of the transaction.

    If the customer doesn’t have this available, then the order won’t go through. If a customer is a repeat purchaser and has made all their payments on time, then QuadPay will be more likely to give them a higher spending limit. 

    Q: Who can Use QuadPay?

    Anyone with a US debit or credit card.

    Q: Will I be Notified About My Quadpay Installments?

    QuadPay sends out payment reminders via SMS and e-mail before each payment is due.

    Q: When is My First QuadPay Payment Due?

    Your first payment of 25% of the total purchase price will be made at the time of checkout. The three remaining payments will be billed automatically, every two weeks from your first payment date.

    Q: Can I Pay Off My QuadPay Installments Early?

    Yes, log in to QuadPay’s Customer Portal and choose the order you would like to pay off early.

    Q: What If I Have Trouble Paying My QuadPay Installments?

    Simply make sure to notify QuadPay to avoid a late fee if your payment method is not up-to-date or if you can’t make your next payment. You may contact QuadPay by clicking here. Please note that QuadPay will determine whether or not a payment date change can be honored.

    Q: What If I Lose or Want To Change My Payment Method For an Existing QuadPay Order?

    • If you need to change which payment method is used for future installments, follow these steps to associate a different card with a given order. This will cause all further installments for that order to be billed against your new card.
    • Go to the Orders Page and click View Order for the order you would like to change.
    • Click Edit next to the payment card.
    • Select the card you’d like to use, and click “Use this Card”.

    Q: If I Return My QuadPay Order, Will I Receive a Refund?

    Yes! If you return your order, you will receive a refund. Just like with a regular purchase!

    In the case of a full refund, as soon as we are notified of the return, you are refunded the amount you've paid to-date and QuadPay cancels all future payments.

    Remember, if you have only made one installment payment, we can only refund what you have paid, not the entire amount of the original purchase. If you want to know more about How do returns, refunds, and partial refunds work? Please click here!

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