Enhance Your Beauty With Vibrant Purple Wigs

The versatile hairstyles can bring you different wearing feelings. Nowadays, it is free for women to try colored wigs to show their charm, confidence, and personality. Recently, pink and purple lace front wigs go viral on social media like Tiktok, Youtube, and Ins. Lots of celebrities and influencers wear purple wigs or dye their dark wigs into light purple ones to get a fresh look. And they do look gorgeous with the purple lace front wigs!!!

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Why Wearing Purple Lace Front Wigs Becomes Popular?

1. A Hot Girl Look

The color of purple can be divided into light purple and dark purple. The dark purple on the girls looks very chic and elegant. The light purple on girls looks super cute and offers a fresh and hot look, especially if they can pull it off and match it to their styles and outfits.

2.Compliment Your Overall Look

No matter wearing a purple bob wig or a long purple wig, they are perfectly complementing the overall look for women and expressing themselves. Besides, if you have no idea what kind of hairstyle to rock at a party, a purple hair look will give you and your friends a big surprise. Give it a try and you will grab lots of attention from others.

3. Start A Good Mood

How to start a good mood for a whole day? For girls, if something bad happens in your life, change your hairstyle and you will feel better. Colored hairstyles always give you a different but good feeling. For example, purple or pink hair is for women who are confident and bald to express themselves. Therefore, if you are depressed one day, why not change your hair to purple?

The Attractive Purple Hairstyles For You

Short Purple Wavy Bob

1. Short Purple Wavy Bob

Purple Highlights In Black Hair

2. Purple Highlights In Black Hair

Vibrant Tresses With Black Roots

3. Vibrant Tresses With Black Roots

Mix Of Purple And Blue

4. Mix Of Purple And Blue

Cute Straight Purple Hair

5. Cute Straight Purple Hair

Gentle Lavender Purple

6. Gentle Lavender Purple

Amazing Blonde and purple

7. Amazing Blonde and purple

Checking these awesome pictures, you might be excited to try versatile purple hairstyles or purple human hair wigs that bring out your fun, flirty, and fabulous side! Girl, it is time to rock the purple hair now!

There’s no doubt that you’ll attract a lot of attention when you wear electric purple hair.

How To Get Purple Hair With Gorgeous Look?

1. Dye your natural hair purple

If you want your hair to look full purple, the quick and easy way is to dye your hair with hair dye at home. The whole process is simple and for a perfect result, you can watch Youtube tutorial to do it step by step.

However, if you want a little bit complex but special purple hair look such as the mix, and ombre hair color, you’d better go to a professional hair salon and let your hairstylist help you. When you go there, remember to show the photos to your hairstylist to avoid a big difference.

Tips: it is essential to choose a stunning purple hairstyle that suits your skin tone.

2. Wearing a purple human hair wig

Although the purple hair is gorgeous, it is not easy to maintain since it can only last six weeks and finally fade away. And you have to bleach the roots every month as well as maintain a vibrant color.

So if you want a permanent hair look and avoid hair damage, a perfect method is to buy a high-quality blond wig that can be dyed into different colors without hair damage.

blond bob wig

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blond straight hair

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blond body wave hair

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How to maintain your purple hair?

Compared to naturally dark hair color, purple hair tends to fade faster because the purple dye molecules exit the hair shaft much faster than natural colors.

1. Use Right Shampoo

Using a color refreshing shampoo is a great way to keep the freshness of light hair color for a long period of time. It makes hair color look brand new by depositing pigment back into your hair.

2. Apply Hair Cream and Sunscreen

In fact, your hair needs good treatment as well. After hair wash, apply some hair cream and sunscreen to protect your hair from being damaged by sun heat and hot air.

3. Keep Deep Moisture

For purple hair, a hair care routine can not be missed. Deep moisture is imperative to maintain hair health. When you increase the moisture levels in your hair, you’re making it less prone to fading and breaking.

4. Use Color-lock Styling Products

Every time when you are down with hair washing, make sure the purple color is locked into your hair by regularly using color-lock styling products.


Everything about purple hair like purple hairstyles, purple lace front wigs, or purple colors is always popular in the fashion world. Try these cool and romantic shades of purple, and you will see the magical result. Any ideas to share? Leave a comment below.

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