Dolly Parton Wig--The Fashionable Darling Of The 1960s

Women’s hair is a status symbol and represents the design of personality and style. Hair experiences some of the most personal, complex, and exciting stories. For many people, hair is the best way to express themselves. But because of many external conditions, not every one's hair is at its best. Therefore, in order to meet their own demand for beauty, the wig should be produced.

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The wig is also a symbol of an era. In the 1960s, Dolly Parton used her strength to let everyone remember her image and make her wig become the trend of The Times.

1. Who is Dolly Parton?

Dolly Parton is an American singer and actress. Known as a country music legend because of his unique voice and excellent composition. She has won many awards throughout her life and is enthusiastic about charity. She spends most of her money on charity to help more children like her realize their dreams.

Dolly Parton

The image of Ms. Dolly Parton is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Dolly Parton's style is its own dress, hair, and makeup genre. Some may call it over-the-top, but we call it flawless. Big hair, bold makeup, butterflies, sequins, and sparkles—keep it all coming.

We wondered just how long Parton had embraced wigs as part of her signature style. As it turns out, the wigs go back to The Porter Wagoner Show, which Parton started performing on in 1967.

small stature

Despite her small stature, Dolly Parton has always been larger than life. We aren’t just talking about her huge amount of talent — she is also usually sporting one of her iconic wigs, which literally add a finch to her height. I knew she had arrived even before I saw the blond locks of her wig or the silhouette of her very recognizable figure. The whole house had gone reverently silent. As she made her way in 5-inch heels from the champagne-colored Escalade up onto the front porch, she simply asked, “Where do you want me?” said an interviewer.

2. What are the features of Dolly Parton wigs?

The flashy, extravagant Hairstyle.

The blonde bombshell’s signature extravagant hairdo is not her natural hair. When she grew up and started her career, she always wore her hair dolled up, and when the puffed hairstyle started, she was also the first one to do so. when she was able to buy hairpieces and wigs, she wanted them right away. Not only because she has always loved them but also because her own hair was fine and flat and it never really did exactly what she wanted to.

Dolly Parton wigs

So, wigs became her trademark. And over the years, her look has changed — in the ‘60s, she wore bouffants, then the ‘70s came, and she shifted to the feathered and teased style and then several times switched from up-dos to longer styles. The icon definitely loved her faux tresses, and she never really went out without her big, blonde, luscious wigs even today.

wearing a wig

She always says that her wigs are conversational pieces and that she looks best wearing them. Fans have rarely had a chance to see what Dolly's actual hair looks like these days, as she is always wearing a wig in public. In an interview, Dolly explained that she decided to wear a wig after she found that trying to get her hair teased out and big the way that she liked it often damaged it.

3. Are these classic hairstyles right for you?

Louise Brooks

Louise Brooks

Louise Brooks was the iconic symbol of the 20s flapper style—and the super-short sleek bob with bangs that were popular during the era. As a successful silent film actress, she inspired the country with her flawless hair and beautiful looks.

Kerry Washington

kerry Washington

Layers add movement to this long, beautiful style. Kerry Washington’s natural curl is timeless and chic.

Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson has long been a hair trendsetter. Nobody wears these soft mega curls better than this pop legend.

Diana Ross

Diana Ross

Whether looking at her hair in 1960 or 2017, Diana Ross makes one thing known: volume, volume, and more volume! From long and wild to short and sky-high, she isn't afraid to go for it. We always remember her iconic stacked curls from the 60s and early 70s with the Supremes as the beauty's most confident, signature style.

Angela Davis

Angela Davis

You can't think of the afro without the "Angela Davis Afro." It's the ultimate hair moment that encapsulated her spot in history.

Tina Turner

Tina Turner

This queen of melody couldn't be more fearless when it comes to her hair, and she used it practically as a prop when performing, giving life to her songs with generous hair flips and swings. The most iconic hair moment for Tina Turner was in the 80s, without question. Her mega-volume, mega-texture, and mega-layers made a grand entrance to any room.


Though Dolly has been rocking sky-high wigs since 1973, her signature look has always been pumped-up volume, icy blonde hair, and plenty of sass. No one can do Dolly's hair, except for Dolly.

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