Do You Know the Drag Queen Wigs?

Drag queen wigs are an essential part of any drag show, and there are a variety of hairstyles to choose from. For everyday or casual fun, girls have a wide variety of gorgeous wigs to choose from, from fluffy Jerry curls to silky bone straights, and there's more than one wig color. But at parties or drag shows, everyday wigs often fail to meet people's needs, and drag wigs will make you the focus of the show.

What’s the Drag Wig?


In simple terms, drag wigs get their name from the actual application scenario, because you will find many beautiful queen wigs at drag parties.

How To Style A Drag Wig for Beginners?


Once you decide to create a drag queen look, you not only have to do the makeup, but also the hairstyle. At this time, you need a wig to help you achieve a cross-dressing style. It can be a high-quality and affordable real wig and then get it through your design, or you can directly buy a drag queen wig to wear.


The most cost-effective way is to buy a regular wig and use some tools to make your drag queen wig. You only need to prepare curling irons, straight bar clips, alligator clips, bobby pins, hairspray, combs, and headgear in advance. You'd better straighten your hair before doing any other styling before you curl it.

You can also style your own by browsing some professional hair tutorials and trying out more fresh styles.

How Much Do Drag Queens Spend on Wigs?

You can buy drag wigs for anywhere from $40 to $500 on shopping platforms so you don't have to style them yourself.


And if you want to let your wildest imagination run wild, you can spend $50-$100 on an affordable human hair wig at Sunber and use the tools to create the perfect drag queen look.


How To Care for Your Drag Wig?

In order to maintain the most authentic state of wigs, drag queens must take good care of their wigs, and different wigs require different care. Here are a few tips for maintaining wigs.


Place Your Wig Carefully. The difference between drag queen wigs and ordinary wigs is that they have a gorgeous shape to maintain, so you need to prepare a human head model or a large enough box to protect it.


Use A Wide-Tooth Comb To Comb Through The Wig. It is not difficult to find that many drag wigs are charmingly wavy or have a special texture, so we should avoid using a fine-toothed comb when taking care of the wig, or vigorously tearing it to remove the hairspray. Using a wide-tooth comb or gentle, slow, section-by-section combing with your hands will make your wig last longer.


Properly Wash Your Wig. Different wig types require different shampoos, and you should stick to safe shampoos and conditioners for different color wigs. Cold water is the best choice for washing wigs, and air-drying after washing will make your wigs shine and maintain their shape.


Cross-dressing enthusiasts or stage play faithful will be very concerned about their hairstyle and makeup. To obtain perfect makeup and a stunning effect, you can use a wig cap to flatten your hair when wearing a lace front drag wig, use a good quality glue or hairspray will help you achieve a dramatic look.

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