Do You Have To Wear A Cap Under A Wig?

When wigs become our daily hair accessories, have you ever considered the issue of wig caps? "Should I wear a wig cap under my wig?" Many women will ask this question. Why do we need a wig cap? We will answer below.

Why Wear A Wig Cap Under A Wig?

Whether or not to wear a wig cap is a personal choice for the wig wearer and they may choose to wear it or not for a variety of different reasons, which one do you prefer?

Pros of Wearing Wig Caps

  • Wig caps protect your scalp and natural hair.

Many people wonder whether to wear a wig in summer because of excessive sweating. This is when wig caps play a huge role. It can effectively absorb part of the heat and sweat to protect your wig and natural hair, but we recommend trying to avoid wearing the wig when your hair is very wet.

In addition, the wig cap, as a barrier between the wig and the scalp, can provide a safer environment for sensitive skin and avoid allergies and irritation caused by the wig.

  • Wig caps provide you with more convenience.

If you don’t have time to wash your wig and natural hair, washing or replacing your wig cap frequently will also keep your scalp healthier.

Wig caps can reduce the friction between the wig and your natural hair, giving you a more comfortable experience.

Wigs often come into contact with objects other than silk materials and will become frizzy and dull. The wig cap can effectively reduce this friction and protect your scalp, making you feel more refreshed.

Cons of Wearing Wig Caps

  • Wig caps are not the best choice in some situations.

If your natural hair is short then you can just wear a wig.

Although we mentioned above that the wig cap can help absorb some heat and sweat, in very hot conditions the wig cap may increase the load and temperature of your scalp. At this time, wearing a wig cap may not be your best choice.

  • Wig caps can make your wig unstable.

Because the friction is too small and there is no good point of contact, your wig may fall off at any time. If you have ever encountered this situation, then you need to use wig-fixing straps or clips to fix your wig.

How To Wear Your Hair Under A Wig Cap?

Even if you are wearing a wig cap you will need to hide your natural hair well under the wig cap in advance to give the most authentic look. How to wear your hair under the wig cap? Below we have summarized several methods that may be used for different hair types, keep reading.

Braiding Down for Wigs

Braiding Down for Wigs

Cornrow braid is the most popular and most effective hairstyle. It is very smooth and will not be uneven when paired with a wig cap. You can try this operation on hair of any length. View more about it.

Low Bun

Low Bun

This is the most time-saving hairstyle. If you have medium-long hair, you can comb your hair into a low bun that is very flat on the top of your head. The back of the wig will leave enough space for your bun to look natural from the front.

Two Braids

Two Braids

One of the best and easiest ways to do this is to divide your natural hair into two sections, braid them, and hide them under the wig cap. Although this isn't as smooth as method one, you can still get an authentic look. This method also protects your natural hair and makes it easier to clean and care for.

Tips for Choosing A Wig Cap

There are many types of wig caps on the market. How to choose a comfortable and suitable wig cap is crucial.

If you have high requirements for breathability, then a mesh wig cap is the best choice. The fishnet-like design gives your scalp more room to breathe, keeping your hair fresh.

mesh wig cap

If you're after a more realistic look then a nylon wig cap will do the trick. Made from the same material as your pantyhose, it hides perfectly under the wig and provides the most natural hairline.

nylon wig cap

If you want to better protect your wig and extend its life, then a silk wig cap is the best choice. It can reduce the friction between the wig and hair, protecting your wig to the greatest extent.

silk wig cap

Developing the habit of wearing a wig cap can not only give you a natural look but also protect your scalp and hair. However, try to avoid wearing it when the weather is hot! After reading this article, have you changed your previous thoughts? Welcome to leave us a message.

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