Blonde Hair On Black Girls (BOMB)

Typically, we believe that the hair color of natural black, brown or ginger is the most suitable and gorgeous color for black girls. To get a natural look, a light hair color like blonde hair usually is not the first choice when they buy a human hair wig.

blonde hair for black girls

Blonde On Any Complexion

But now, it is 2022. If you remain to think blonde hair is only for fair skin, that would be a mistake. According to a fashion and beauty study, blond hair looks good on any complexion, and blonde hair on black girls is definitely a bomb.

Just look at Zendaya, Beyonce, and Nicki Minaj, they rock blonde hair and look so attractive. Now let us check out the short videos from TikTok.

Black girls can rock blonde hair

As we can see, most black girls love this color and they look so gorgeous, right? We’re likely not trying to assimilate any specific beauty standard but just want to switch it up, as variety is the spice of life. For the hair rules, we can not be defined but define our own.

New trend in 2022

In the summer of 2022, blonde hair on black girls is a trend. If you love blonde hair as well, give it a try! There are various blonde hairstyles to bring your imagination to life. Pick one you like and try to achieve it.

Cute Golden Blonde Bob

Golden Blonde Bob

No one can deny pool time in hot summer days. But it is quite a challenge to have fun for wig wears, since the water in the pool will damage your precious human hair wig, like being tangled and dry.

So we recommend a short blonde bob, cute and shiny, and the hair will not dip into the water. Super convenient for swimming time.

Blonde Beach Weaves

Blonde Beach Weaves
Blonde Beach Weaves

You can trust that the elegant weaves hairstyle will never let you down. The hair color can vary from dark brown to platinum blonde.

Whatever the difference in the hair color, the blonde one always provides light, shinny ,and fresh color to your already stunning look.

Ombre Blonde With Dark Roots

Ombre Blonde With Dark Roots
Ombre Blonde With Dark Roots

Ombre should be the most popular hair technique for fashion hair look. Now blonde hair with dark roots is a new fashion hairstyle.

Actually, dark roots paired with the blonde on dark skin is the image of perfection. Every black girl can wear this color with dark roots, ombre, or highlight.

Caramel Blonde Curls

Caramel Blonde Curls

Caramel blonde brings us a warm vibe. Curls look textured and voluminous giving you an elegant and powerful vibe. The combination of caramel blonde color with curls is a bomb.

Platinum Blonde Pixie

platinum Blonde Pixie
platinum Blonde Pixie

Not everyone likes this color, so it is for risk-taker. But if you are really into it, you can try this pixie cut and dye it into platinum blonde. You will be the most shinny, fashionable and brave girl. It is great!

Pink Blonde Style

Pink Blonde Hair
Pink Blonde Hair

Have you ever tried the pink blonde style? Pink is a fun and non-traditional hair color. But recently, we have seen the non-traditional hair color gains much popularity among young black girls. If you plan to try something new, pink blonde can be the bright choice.

The colorful hair always gives people a fresh look and a good mood. My true feeling is that after changing my normal black hair color into a colored one, I feel something different and receive lots of compliments from my friends and colleagues. I know they love the new trend as well.

How to get a blonde hair look?

Even though the various blonde colors are easy to achieve, we do not recommend to bleach and dye your hair frequently since it will cause hair damage and loss.

You can wear wigs to achieve a versatile hair look. For a natural and stunning final look, 100% real human hair wigs can be the best choice.

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