Baby Hair For A Wig, The Icing On The Cake

Wigs, as a great invention in the beauty industry, not only hide weaknesses in your scalp, but also if you want to change your appearance for some special occasions.

One of the biggest problems people wonder about when using wigs is the unnatural look where others can recognize that you are wearing a wig. Therefore, baby hairs make best-sale wig look like real hair.

Today we will learn some information about wigs with baby hair.


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1 What are baby hairs?

2 Two questions about baby hair

3 How to make baby hair on a wig?

4 Summary

5 Feedback


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1 What are baby hairs?

Baby hairs, as their name implies, are small, very fine, flowing hairs that rest on the edges of your hair. You can have long, short, or even curly baby hair depending on your hair type.

2 Two questions about baby hair

Why would you want baby hair on a wig?

  • One difference between real hair and wigs is density. The density of a wig looks the same everywhere, so it is unnatural. Also, your real hair has different lengths because you are losing and growing new hair daily.
  • For example, babies have shorter hair, which creates a natural look. A wig with baby hair creates the illusion of natural growth along the hairline.

How do you cover up baby hair?

  • If you don't want to remove baby hair, try changing your hairstyle. A good hairstyle may be a mask that hides the hair on your forehead. Pixie cuts and fingers are so cute and stylish in the best hairstyles to hide your little hair.
  • Also, laser hair removal is a good method. This method works to get rid of baby hairs and, at the same time, switch the way the hairline appears. If you have dark hair, this method can work best for you. However, it is an expensive treatment. And you can face the re-growth of baby hair.

Not everyone has a perfect hairline. The pictures we see in magazines of perfect hairlines may result from photo editing. Baby hair is a part of our life, and we can remove or repair baby hair to have a neat appearance.

You should learn how to grow baby hairs, remove them, and adapt them. You can make these hairs your signature hairstyle.

3 How to make baby hair on a wig?

Step 1

  • First, ensure HD lace front wig fits your head size because incorrect sizes can cause many problems, especially discomfort. For example, a wig that is too small can cause hair loss, while a wig that is too big can fly due to the wind. Make sure you can make the wig look as natural as possible.

Step 2

  • Next, remember to smooth out your natural hairline. Before you put the wig on in front of your hairline, you should make sure that your hairline is set and dry. Then, you need to trim the lace to match the shape of your natural hairline. Be careful to avoid your real hair when trimming.

Step 3

  • Now you will need mousse or styling lotion to smooth out the wig. Choose a 1/5-inch area in the front and use clips to separate this small section from the rest. Your baby's hair will need some water, so remember to spray along the hairline to moisten it.

Step 4

  • Keep this section of hair gently forward with one hand while holding a beauty razor or scissors in the other. You can keep the length to the tip of your nose. If you want shorter baby hairs, do it again: keep this section and keep trimming.

Step 5

  • You will need a toothbrush with soft bristles to gently brush the baby's hair with hairspray. You can use an edge control gel or hair styling cream instead of hairspray to shape the baby's hair. Finally, dry the baby's hair slightly.

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4 Summary

It is not difficult to buy wigs in the market, both online and offline (lace wig stores with baby hair). However, finding a reliable wig brand at a reasonable price is challenging. We know your worries, especially if you have never used a wig.

So if you want to know where you can buy a high-quality wig, come to Sunber. We have many wigs in various styles, lengths, and colors. Our products are made from 100% human hair and carefully treated to ensure the perfect look.

You don't need to worry about being recognized as wearing a wig. With regular care, our products can last for a long time. Please read the feedback on our website to help you improve your appearance.

5 Feedback

Do you like wigs with baby hair? Feel free to leave your comments below; we hope this article is helpful to all our readers.

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