Auburn Color----- Suitable For The Hair Color Of Any Skin

Color trends come and go, but red hair colors have been in high demand for the past few years, and auburn is without a doubt the most versatile of the bunch. The auburn color is classy, dimensional, and just in case you need any more convincing, it looks amazing on every skin tone. If you want to change your hair color, you're really lucky. We are breaking down everything you need to know about the auburn color.

What color is auburn?

Auburn is a type of red hair that comes in shades ranging from reddish-brown to dark ginger. Auburn hues can vary from medium to dark hair and combine light to dark brown and red hues, which makes it similar to a Titian hair shade. Auburn is a warm red color that flatters most skin tones and eye colors and can be the perfect option for women wanting to try new, subtle hair colors.


What skin tone looks good with auburn hair?

Since auburn ranges in shades from light to dark and cool to warm, it can be customized to flatter any skin tone. If you have a cool complexion, ask your colorist for an auburn hue with cool undertones. For those with warm undertones in their skin, auburn shades with warm, copper undertones will work best.

What is the difference between red hair and auburn hair?

The difference between red hair and auburn hair is that red hair has no undertones while auburn hair has a brown undertone. Red is a lot more vibrant while auburn tends to be more natural-looking. Auburn is a variation of red hair, and while all auburn hair is red, not all red hair is auburn. Dark auburn hair leans toward deep reddish-brown, and light auburn hair may appear more orange.

Best auburn hair color ideas for every skin tone

1. Auburn with Blonde Highlights. The color that makes your hair pop. Blonde highlights provide a 3D effect and some hard-to-resist jaw-dropping volume.

Auburn with Blonde Highlights

2. Highlighted Light Auburn Hair. This romantic hairstyle helps the auburn shade stand out thanks to the highlighted strands. The best part? It’s universal for both warmer and cooler skin tones.

Highlighted Light Auburn Hair

3. Rusty Auburn Hair Color. The best option when you are in doubt. By going for rusty balayage or ombre, you free yourself from choosing between the two colors, allowing these regal shades into your life.

Rusty Auburn Hair Color

4. Auburn Brown Hair. Play a little with your natural brown shades by highlighting them with bits of auburn that are just enough to freshen up your look.

Auburn Brown Hair

5. Medium-Length Auburn Brown Hair. Most natural shades of auburn hair color lean more towards brown than red. Jazz up your auburn brown hair with any luminous shade of auburn hair dye such as orange or ginger with a sun-kissed finish.

Medium-Length Auburn Brown Hair

6. Intense Auburn Red Hair Color. Something extra special to make your heart skip a beat! Vivid reds with lowlights are sure to boost your confidence with that seductively dangerous vibe.

Intense Auburn Red Hair Color

7. Auburn Hair with Lowlights. What a gorgeous hairstyle – you won’t be able to stop checking yourself out in every mirror. Cooler tones of dark auburn, complemented by lighter copper pieces, are simply to die for.

Auburn Hair with Lowlights

8. Thick Dark Auburn Hair. The dark auburn has a distinct deep orange-red tinge with a warm undertone. Such highlights lend great vibrance to your hair. Use beachy waves to accentuate your auburn locks and make them even more gorgeous-looking.

Thick Dark Auburn Hair

9. Dark Auburn Hair with Pops of Copper. A rich auburn with a merlot tint is your ultimate hair goal if you want to gain depth, and a few splashes of copper at the ends will emphasize movement in your locks.

Dark Auburn Hair with Pops of Copper

10. Mahogany Auburn Hair with Metallic Sheen. Mahogany is a rich and expensive-looking shade, so adding some reflective mahogany tints to your custom blend of red and brown makes perfect sense.

Mahogany Auburn Hair with Metallic Sheen

11. Dark Auburn with Cherry Cola Flavor. This multi-tone auburn balayage feels extremely deep with a chocolate root smudge and a mix of red and copper throughout the length.

Dark Auburn with Cherry Cola Flavor

12. Tangerine Ribbons in Deep Auburn Hair. Every hazel-eyed girl should try out this style. Chunky curls are complemented by brighter shades of red that add dimension and extreme volume to your hair.

Tangerine Ribbons in Deep Auburn Hair

13. Auburn Red Hair. Take your pixie to the next level with a brilliant shade of auburn red. Those chunky highlights will shimmer nicely in the sun!

Auburn Red Hair

14. Spicy Auburn with Illuminating Face Framing. Although this girl underwent a whole blonde-to-red transformation, ladies with light brown tresses can arrive at the same look with a box of auburn hair dye and barely-there highlights near the face.

Spicy Auburn with Illuminating Face Framing

15. Rusty Auburn for Long Hair. The closest to natural reds, the rust color is utterly intense yet soft, which makes it perfect for older ladies wishing for a quick change.

Rusty Auburn for Long Hair


If you aren’t fully convinced you need to dye your hair auburn, we suggest you have another look at these pictures of absolutely stunning styles. Whether it's caramel highlights, bright yellow ends, or gorgeous fiery shades, auburn hair’s impossible to resist. Hopefully, one of the hairdos above has spoken to you, and a glorious makeover is in your foreseeable future!

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